Outdoor Studio modeled shots

Outdoor Studio

Lindsay Lewchuk 2018 New Releases, Cowls, How-to Videos, Patterns

Summer beckons the outdoor lifestyle, so grab your Outdoor Studio pattern, favorite single skein of DK weight eco yarn, and knitting needles. Add a touch of knitwear to your glorious landscape or bustling cityscape! Mimicking your seemingly random surroundings, the cables climb, twist, and turn around vast airy lace sections. Once finished, Outdoor Studio will keep your palette fresh while adding a little extra coverage when wearing those hot weather tanks.

prize for MKAL

Cultivating with Vegan Yarn

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Please join me in welcoming back Heidi from Vegan Yarn 😊. We first met Heidi in 2014 on the blog Dye to Perfection. Since then her indie small business has grown like the weeds she uses for dyeing! With our Je Ne Sais Quoi MKAL, I thought this the perfect time to check back in with her to discover how her adventures the past few years have molded the growth of Vegan Yarn. Q1. On your FAQ page on why vegan you state: “To be really simple, we prefer to allow animals to live their lives free of the intentional or unintentional violence of a human-made industry. Like the saying goes, ‘live simply, so others may simply live.’ Please keep …

What pattern could it be the leftovers from?

The 3 Rs and a U

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Rounding out our look at “reduce, reuse, and recycle” is the late societal addition to the 3R’s… the U of “upcycle”! I love upcycling yarn leftovers into wonderfully unique designs – anything from a hair tie to gift wrapping to another publication. Something about the challenge of knowing I have this much yarn and not a strand more lends an exciting boundary box to the infinite design possibilities!

Lake Breeze Tank


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As much as I dislike the reduce part of “reduce, reuse, recycle” eco principle, I’m beginning to find a new love for reuse. A philosophy major by education, my only arts class was the history of graphic design, so I entered this industry seven years ago as a complete green horn. I truly appreciate the guidance and mentoring I received and the online classes I found to help hone my craft. That said, it’s time to update some of my older patterns. The first one up for “reuse” is one of your favorites… Lake Breeze Tank. Applying the lessons learned in my “A System of Grading” class from Jill Wolcott and keeping those elements you all said you loved best …

Je Ne Sais Quoi MKAL

The Inside Scoop

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Get your stitches ready, Knit Eco Chic’s annual MKAL opens for pre-sale today. The Je Ne Sais Quoi MKAL is as unique as each of you and all about you stitching your yarn-i-tude into a light-weight, easy to wear, summer shawl… thing! During the MKAL – knitting and chit chat in the MKAL thread, “Find Your Yarn-i-tude Psychological Analysis” (game), blog interviews, FO thread fun, and prizes! Sneak peek from the design photo shoot! Sneak peek from the design photo shoot! Join the MKAL today and post your yarn intentions in the pre-MKAL chat thread here!

Je Ne Sais Quoi MKAL image

Je Ne Sais Quoi

Lindsay Lewchuk 2018 New Releases, Je Ne Sais Quoi MKAL, Patterns

It’s MKAL time! That sense. That feeling! Je Ne Sais Quoi is an English pattern uniting the French idiom with a part shawl, part scarf, part cowl, in a “I just don’t know what” fashionista design packing in a ton of attitude! Dare down the hottest summer days donned in your carefree hand knit, Je Ne Sais Quoi, with mindset to match. Add beads for a tres chic look or go without for a casual fashion flare. The easy (not beginner) level tech edited / test knit pattern is fully written. Recommended skills – picot cast on, short rows, decrease, bind off.

breakfast knitting

Eco Elements Awakening

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One of the unsung beauties in the process of designing is the morphing a particular concept goes through from the initial glimmer of an idea to a published pattern. The story behind Awakening took such an unusual path. In what other world but design would you find a FO that combines a rotting out tree hanging off a cliff, a fascination with drop stitches, dogged determination, and fresh coloured yarn that makes you want to wake up and pick up the needles before breakfast?         tea, knitting, and sympathy flowers tea, knitting, and sympathy flowers …and stayed. Washed, blocked, and ready to shoot! This puppy was off to TE and testing while I waiting on the weatherman. …