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Q&A: Organic Cotton for Winter Hats

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On IG Thethoughtfulknitter asked “p.s. how do you find using cotton for cold weather hats? I lost my hat and going to knit one.” Thanks so much for your question! Since snow is once again in the forecast, I thought this an ideal topic for this week’s blog. Organic cotton (and cotton in general) is an excellent option for cold weather knits! As important as the fiber is, however, I’ve found that the needle size, pattern, and fit play a stronger role in whether or not the fiber will keep you cozy in the coldest climes. Needle Size: the smaller the needle size with the thicker the yarn, the warmer your FO will be! The thicker yarn creates a density …

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Zip As You Knit (TM)

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According to Solomon, “there is nothing new under the sun” (Ecclesiastes 1:9), and who’s to argue with that most wise of men? So accordingly TPTB created a “Flash of Genius” test for claiming a technique as such. The following is the story of my flash of genius that resulted in my Zip As You Knit (TM) technique. Years back I ran a test for a headband with color work. Due to the nature of cotton and the fact it doesn’t felt, I offered it as a work flat and seam design. One of the testers was substituting wool and asked if I minded if she worked in the round. Of course, I didn’t, but I was SO jealous! You all …

The Unique Sheep Organic Cotton Petite DK

Organic Cotton Petite DK Yarn Review

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NEW – you all know that sign when you see it hanging next to beautiful fiber; you drop everything just to dive into the lovely new yarn! Well I had that experience recently thanks to a squishy mail delivery from one of my favorite yarnies, The Unique Sheep. Inside was a sample of their new yarn offering, Organic Cotton Petite DK! And I’m not at all ashamed to confess that after it went through the obligatory wash, I dropped all my WIPs in order to whip out swatches to see what yarn stories Organic Cotton Petite DK was dying to tell. Review – through the fingers Organic Cotton Petite DK has an airy lofty feel to it. In addition to …

Apple Tart

Apple Tart

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Whether picking apples in the orchard or filling your home with the aroma of freshly baked pie, Apple Tart is the cowl you’ll be picking for all your fall harvest fun. Sweet apple pie lattice and its scalloped crust inspired the lace and edge work on this organic cotton design. With yarn coming from my LYS named Yummi Yarns, I just had to choose a tasty tantalizing design. The tech edited and test knit pattern includes written directions and a chart. $6.50

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A Yarn’s Tale

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After weaving in the ends, photographing for testers, washing, and laying the “Goldilocks and the Three Stitch Designs” flat to dry, this designer tucked some edits for the tank design into layout and took a much needed nap, confident another design was well on it’s way to publication. Out of the darkness a gentle whisper floated and fluttered around my ears, the soft tonal grays in eco-stitch’s hand dyed yarn spoke softly, “sleeves.” I wisped it away. Then the light blue joined in the refrain, “wake up, I’m not done.” But my sleep was sweet so I dozed on. Undeterred, the volume rose and rose until the bright aqua gave a resounding shout shocking me awake. The sample cried forth …

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Goldilocks and the Three Stitch Details

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There is something truly special about squishy mail arriving on your birthday! Diane, at Eco-Stitch, blessed me this April with such a surprise and I knew the best way to show my gratitude was to transform it into something special. Like a good little designer, I swatched the concept for an ebb and flow stitch design. And set to grading, writing, and then knitting. In the frosty cold April sunshine, Puddles and I snuggled as my needles went click, click, click and the design came to life. But then I realized a dilemma – of course when you mirror a wavy edged design, the mirroring evaporates the edge detail. So what do I do about the center line? After many …

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Winter Romping with Puddles

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17 degrees (F) and the snow is gently falling, time to curl up and knit, right? Not in our house, it’s time for winter romping with Puddles! So I bundle up in my Arctic Climes cowl and headband set and venture forth into the white world. Even though I’ve lived here for over 10 years, I still find new treasures around unchartered bends. Back up to the trail and around another corner lovely icicles awaited. After the adventure down, it was time for the steep hike up. Puddles, of course, beat me home and enjoyed one last branch while waiting for me to catch up. Since the first snow and subsequent outings in Arctic Climes I’ve lost 3 lbs :-). …