I’m Lindsay Lewchuk! You can read more about me on the website “about” page & my unique challenges in the blog post “Half A Life” as well as the Patternfish January newsletter “From the Ambassador’s Desk – Knitting and EI” and an older article from my collegiate days, “NCSU Valedictorian Never ‘Attended’ Class“.

Motoring Vest and the mini
Ya! Eco knitting is still flying low on the radar so I’m looking for knitters who are interested in spreading the eco knitting word through Knit Eco Chic patterns.

If you are interested in being a brand ambassador, drop me a line at kn*********@gm***.com. Be sure to include your location, what knitting groups you knit with, what eco yarns interest you and what Knit Eco Chic patterns call your name.

Being a Brand Ambassador is a mutual beneficial relationship. You get super perks, but there responsibilities too.