Eco Knitting – HUH?

There are so many ways to be an eco knitter, from using yarns that are good for the environment & you to frogging thrift store finds to recreate that yarn into a garment of your own.

But what exactly is eco knitting? Eco knitting is knitting with yarns that are organic, natural, sustainable, socially responsible, fair trade, renewable fiber, recycled (either recycled yarn or yarn from frogging), local, vegan, or low-impact.

The more you know about the yarn you use, the better able you are to access whether it is an eco yarn. The skein wrapper is a great place to start. Look for words like “organic,” “vegan/ natural dyes,” or “low-impact dyes,” or on animal fibers “humane,” “GOTS certified,” or “virgin.” Next, look into the company that created the yarn. In this technological age, most companies will have websites. Check out the “About” page, they love to tell you how they are working to be environmentally and/or socially conscious in their manufacturing processes. Ask around and read reviews. Have people complained about chemical residue on the yarn? Or do people rave about the company‚Äôs commitment to the environment?

Being informed about the materials you use from yarn to needles to accessories will help transform you into an eco knitter too.
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