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Beauty meets function, style meets utilitarianism – knitting embodies the aesthetic and artistic while concurrently being functional and useful. After pleasurable hours, days, and weeks spent knitting a creation, the crafter’s joy continues through incorporating the item into his or her wardrobe (or given the generous nature of knitters, the wardrobes of family and friends).

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The campaign: #wearyourknitting campaign celebrates the artistic and utilitarian aspects of knitting. Whether styling that special sweater for a first date or your go-to scarf to spice up your workday wardrobe, knitting fits into all aspects of life. From summer beach cover ups to winter coats, there is hardly a piece of clothing that hasn’t been knit and worn with pride.

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The challenge: Snap a pic wearing your knitting (or an item knit just for you) and tweet it (or post on your favorite social media) with the hashtag wearyourknitting (#wearyourknitting) and let’s embrace the beauty in your hand knits!

wearing knitting while hiking
Knit in 2013 using Blue Sky Alpacas Organic Cotton Worsted. Even Puddles is celebrating – you can see him wearing his knitting in the reflecting glass on my sunglasses

I tweeted my first #wearyourknitting this morning (Jan 16, 2015) on a bitter cold, but sunny romp in the woods with Puddles. The organic cotton Evergreen Sprig Cowl & Headband, well worn through the years, kept the bite of winter off while commemorating the Evergreen tree that inspired the motif. What will your first #wearyourknitting tweet be? Show me where knitting fits into your wardrobe and lifestyle – I can’t wait to see!

Add the badge to your website or social media! The image is 250×250 pixels.

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  1. Okay, I absolutely love this campaign!
    As a designer, I tend to either a) gift my samples b) save them in pristine condition in the hopes of collecting enough for a future trunk show. The funny thing: when I quilt and give those away, I feel hurt if I don’t see them frayed and spotted from use and love. I really must start wearing my knits. The only one I did wear while overseas in Iceland and Norway was the shawl I reverse engineered that I called “Shopping With Kate.” It’s an insanely fine herringbone with a ruffle edge knit with Berocco Ultra Alpaca Fine. I almost went made with the fine stitches. I did not release the pattern due to it being an homage to another current design worn by the Princess.
    By the way, do you have a small button for those who participate may add to our blogs and sites? Something like what Rebecca Bee Designs has for her #yearofhandmade over at http://www.rebeccabeedesigns.com/2015/01/year-of-handmade-craft-blog-prompts.html … I’d wear the #wearyourknitting proudly on my blog!
    Again, brilliant idea!

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