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2019 Theme

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Fiber Focus theme

Happy New Year, knitters! 2019 holds lots of exciting designs and events under this year’s theme…

Fiber Focus

Patterns – color work, texture, and a deep delve into some truly simple knits as well as a few more challenging items as well. Keep an eye out for more garments this year with supporting accessories in the shawls, scarves, hats, and cowl categories.

Organic Lux with Puddles
First up… in a shake of Great Dane’s tail

Blogs – it’s time for a switch up on the blog program. After a long look at my calendar last year, I realized I spent precious “computer” time writing weekly blogs. While I love sharing my life and yarn explorations with you, I’m going to be dropping the “Happy Thursday” weekly blogs for an “as occurs” blog schedule. Part of this is due to the topical theme of the year, Fiber Focus, and the longer research time needed. The other part is the desire to return to what KEC is about – pattern designing – as my health limits my computer time, priorities are necessary.

quiet nova yarn pre-knit
Planned yarn review – Quiet Nova, locally hand dyed 100% organic cotton!

Events – I’ve partnered with the Unique Sheep for our 3rd element inspired shawl MKAL in their gorgeous hand dyed organic cotton and bamboo yarn! Any guesses what element will be the focus this year?

Mirror of Reason color from The Unique Sheep
Mirror of Reason color from The Unique Sheep
sneak peek linen design

Additionally, I’m tentatively planning a summer KAL. The design speaks community to me and I think it would make a fun shorter event. The downside is the summer time-frame of the seasonal piece – I know a lot of you travel and knit less during the hot months. Would you be interested?

Platforms – last year I joined the Making Things App. Thank you for those of you who took the plunge to try it out and selected Knit Eco Chic as your designer to support with your sign up! These funds will go a long way to cover some outstanding TE bills and continue to keep me on track with publishing new and exciting patterns.
Since then I’ve heard from a couple of you about your experiences – some good and others commenting it isn’t the pattern delivery that matches your knitting preferences. Your feedback is crucial to me! If you aren’t utilizing the platform, I’ll continue to look for other avenues to deliver in the way you like to utilize the patterns. If you are utilizing the platform, please let me know what patterns you’d like to see there! From my understanding of the platform – it works a lot like Netflix and each individual pattern design is “up” long enough to enjoy the design, but not on a permanent availability like other sites. Does that work for you? Do you like informal IG challenges to add in the social aspect that currently is lacking?

Puddles in Motivity
How do you like your snow erg, patterns delivered?

As of the end of December, Craftsy decided to discontinue supporting the masses of indie designers… unfortunately, Knit Eco Chic is on the discontinue list. As far as I know you’ll still be able to access your patterns, but not purchase (nor me upload) new ones. Please check Knit Eco Chic out on my website, Ravelry, LoveKnitting, Patternfish, or the Making Things App to continue to enjoy new designs!

Closing out our new plans, let’s take a quick look back at 2018
10 patterns published!

The patterns of 2018
A few designs didn’t make it to market as I intended so we may have a couple “Eco Element” pop ups throughout the year assuming they make it out of the design “sin bin” stage.

54 posted blogs (not including patterns). These covered eco element topics such as charity, the 3 r’s (reduce, reuse, recycle) and an u (upcycle), continuing education, fair trade, and indie supporting indie. Also included several yarn reviews, interviews with other designers, and our KAL / MKAL event blogs.

Thank you so much for your love of Knit Eco Chic designs, me, and Puddles! May God bless your 2019 with exciting yarn adventures and new fiber focus discoveries.

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  1. I’ve enjoyed your 2018 blog posts, and look forward to reading the 2019 ones, whenever they appear, and to seeing the new designs you release.

    (Summer KAL? quite possibly. Instagram? not for me thank you, Ravelry is my SM of choice.)

    1. Post

      Thanks for reading and your feedback, Lisa. I’ve marked a “ravelry KAL” for the possible Summer one. The MKAL will happen on Ravelry too ;-).

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