GAL2017 IG prompts

5th Annual Indie Design Giftalong

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5 days 'til GAL

The 5th annual Indie Design Giftalong starts in 5 days! We’ve been hard at work behind the scenes getting ready for next week’s cast on date!! Plus to celebrate during 5, this year, we’ve come up with some Instagram post challenges.

GAL2017 IG prompts

Puddles and I are hosting Christmas this year… and there is a certain pattern, cough CAMBER cough, which is this close to being ready to publish after 3+ years in process! Puddles is excited to continue in his role of unofficial GAL mascot. We’re looking forward to snapping lots of new fun pictures with him and yarn for spreading the GAL cheer! Come the start date, I’ll be joining as a knitting participant (not a designer) and would love to knit-along with you guys. Setting things up for a great Gift-a-long has enabled me a sneak peek – and let me tell you the designers this year have really hit it out of the park with superb gifting offerings! My queue is already growing far larger than I can knit in a couple of weeks.

From GAL2014… funny smiles to anticipate from the unofficial mascot.

If you’re new to the event, check out the group header for a synopsis of this massive knit-a-long & crochet-a-long here. If you have any questions – pop them in the pre-GAL chat thread, the mod squad is there to help!

So countdown on 5 days ‘til all things gifting!

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