Landfall Shawl with Puddles

A Tale of Two Photo Shoots

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Which speaks to you more – chaos or serenity?

Swirling winds… raging waves… flooding waters… destruction: from the land torn images of Hurricane Harvey and Hurricane Irma comes Landfall. Photo shoot 1 took place locally where an unnamed gale of 70 mile an hour winds whipped through our mountains. The damage in our neighborhood is cleaned up, but off in no man’s land, clean up is just underway.

Landfall amid destruction

Landfall amid destruction

Soothing waters… rejuvenating sunshine… refreshing breezes… serenity: after the storm and the immediacy of returning to normal routines, an appreciation of God’s creation in a state of normalcy inspired the rhythmic stitch elements of Landfall. Photo shoot 2 took place at Lake Watauga depicting the ease of stitches (stockinette, garter, and short rows) through the calm waves.

Landfall amid peace

Landfall amid peace

Of course, Puddles was at both shoots. But due to safety precautions he stayed in the car during the first shoot. Not be ignored, Puddles voiced his opinion with each pose!

Landfall Shawl with Puddles

This strange semi-aquatic life kept popping up from the water’s edge.

Keep an eye out for Landfall’s release and a special way to help the recovery need during the first 48 hours!



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