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Air Bender MKAL Reveal

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Air Bender Teaser

Remember this? Today’s reveal day!

It’s Reveal Day!!! I’m beyond thrilled to finally show you the photos for Air Bender. The only problem? Cameramom did such an amazing job shooting the 3 different pattern options, I have too many to share! The first cull was which ones deserve photo editing? After a week I got the hundreds down to 60s. Then I forced myself to collage one image collection for each of the three patterns… with a few surprises mixed in.

The surprising beauty of Air Bender is all sizes work up identically until the 4th chart. Then “sans” has a swap option (more on that below) and they work up identically again until the bind off. In the final row you decide which of the three patterns you want to make – Full, Partial, or Sans! That’s right, all three patterns use nearly the exact same amount of yarn and same number of stitches. The secret, revealed to the MKAL-ers in their final clue – is the drops!

Air Bender Full collage

Air Bender Full
The full drops create abstract butterflies, dragonflies, wind chimes, and breezes through leaves. The drape on The Unique Sheep’s organic cotton and bamboo fingering weight yarn with the drops is simply amazing. Style it as a shawl, cowl, or wrap – you’ll look fabulous front and back! This option is great if you’re looking for a knit that truly wows!

Air Bender Partial Collage

Air Bender Partial
The partial drops create abstract butterflies, dragonflies, and wind chimes. This option is great for all seasons. As you’ll seen in the photos, cameramom and I had a great debate – when wearing it as a cowl what style is better – ends over or ends under?

outtake Air Bender
LOL even the road signage was against showing the wrong side!

And speaking of ends… bonus picture! In the pattern, I take a firm stance on weaving in ends. I know, a total shocker. The reason is important if you’re crafting the Partial or the Full – weave the ends in in the wrong spot and it will stop your drops from dropping. On the flipside, if you want to craft your own custom drop sequence (directions included in the pattern) and opt for a drop that doesn’t go to the cast on edge, a woven in end is a great way to secure the stitch and prevent it from dropping further! This is my favorite outtake photo from the shoot… cameramom thought that woven in ends section needed highlighting, I guess ?.

Air Bender Sans collage

Air Bender Sans
Hundreds, yes hundreds, of photos cameramom shot of the original. She (and I) were just so fascinated at the creation. In fact, she begged me not to change it… they really only need one pattern. What if the drops don’t work out?!? Shot at three locations along the Blue Ridge Parkway, the ends over or ends under debate started here… mid shoot – I was fiddling it one way and she put down the camera saying it was perfect why did I mess it up by moving the ends? Yes, we have a ball at photo shoots – the fresh air, comradery, and jokes keep me smiling! Sans is perfect if you love cables… wear it all year long!

Lindsay and Puddles in Air Bender

Bonus Pic

Hands Down My All Time Favorite Puddles Photo… Yet, Anyway It wasn’t safe to have him on the cliff so Puddles waited impatiently for me at home. Cameradad was nice enough to walk him to the pond as we pulled back into the neighbourhood. Cameramom captured this live action shot as he greeted his long lost human… it had been 2 whole hours! Can you say Velcro Dane?

Instagram Reveal Series
Instagram reveal – see each close up and read the story on my IG account here.

Sharing is caring! You all know how much I love creating. However, I’m still in the red for the tech editing bill for this design (about 7 sales short). If you know anyone who’d love to craft Air Bender now that they see what it looks like, please do spread the word about this fun pattern! The tech edited and test knit design is fully written and fully charted with a schematic and how-to video. Puddles and I thank you!! If that’s TMI, keep scrolling for my favorite WIP pic of Puddles and hopefully all will be forgiven.

Air Bender WIP
Apparently my WIPs make the perfect Great Dane pillow

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