Summer Hideaway Tank close up

Around the Arm Openings of Summer Hideaway

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An interesting conversation came up during the testing / TE period of Summer Hideaway.  How can the same pick up around the arm opening result in the tank and sleeved versions having two different lengths on the schematic?  If the pick up stitch count is the same, shouldn’t the schematic be the same?

It’s really a nerdy answer, but in short, the proof is in the pudding. 

See the difference when they are laid one atop of the other?

The reason is it isn’t just a matter of the pick up stitch count, it also depends upon what happens to those stitches after you pick them up.

On the tank, the stitches are picked up and immediately bound off (loosely!).

On the sweater, the sleeve is worked, starting at the top with short rows and more importantly to the length, increases.  The short rows flesh out the depth, so to speak, of the sleeve so it curves around your deltoid.  It turns the sleeve from a flat surface to convex surface.  The increases along either end of the short rows fill out the spaces between the pick up and knit stitches so no length is lost in the process.

Check out how to pick up in this mini tut on IG

Watch the kfyof stitch in focus for a stitch demo here.

For the video demonstrating the underarm continuous contiguous edging, click the link inside the pattern.

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