Diamond Discovery full design

Diamond Discovery

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Discover the joy of knitting texture from cast on to bind off in Diamond Discovery.   Nestled between cables these hidden gems of playful stitches are certain to dazzle.  This quick knit beautifies your fall through spring wardrobe when the days threaten an icy chill and call for a little extra warmth. The tech edited and test knit pattern is fully written and charted with two mini video tutorials. $7.00 Finished Measurements:18”/ 46cm (24”/ 61cm) around 8.5”/ 21.5cm tall Materials:1 skein Cestari Monticello DK, shown in Pewter (size 18”/ 46cm) Skein info: 75% Cotton & 25% Imported French Linen; 250yd / 228.6m per 100g/ 3.53oz Sample weights: 70g/ 2.47oz (94g/ 3.32oz)US 5/ 3.75mm circular needlesCable needleYarn needle1 stitch markers Blocked Gauge:25 …

Monticello from Cestari in Pewter

Discovering Hidden Gems in Your Stash

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Several years ago, I swatch tested an entire skein of new to me yarn (now discontinued) and as part of the test did a medley of stitches.  My mom fell in love with the “pattern” and wanted it!  I told her I couldn’t publish a swatch, it needed to be something!  As I knit up the yarn into it’s final design, Je Ne Sais Quoi, I wondered whether the swatch would make the cut or be unraveled into the shawl design.  It was part of the leftovers so got tucked into the yarn drawer of my desk.  (And was forgotten about, shhhh… it really isn’t *THAT* messy in there.) Another new to me yarn, happened to jump into my yarn …

Off the Set hat

Off the Set

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After falling in love with a stitch pattern used in an indie collection, the stitching addiction On the Set prompted an Off the Set spin off design.  Exploring its possibilities led to some glamorous 1920s daydream knitting adventures in the form of a cute cloche.  The journey begins with a highly textured I-cord cast on.  Stitches are picked up for the body of the hat.  Cables and lace merge to take this adventure Off the Set into daily living style. The tech edited and test knit intermediate level hat is fully written and charted. Sizes:  S (M, L, XL) for head sizes 19 (20, 21, 22)” / 48 (51, 53.5, 56)cm with 3”/ 7.5cm negative ease Finished Measurements: 16 (17, …

photoshoot fun

The Naughty Knot Hat and Other Humourous Disasters

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Hi all, remember me?  It’s your friendly knitwear designer!  I know 2023 started off with a bang of Joy of Knitting anticipation and excitement then crickets.  Well, I’ve been squirreling away pattern writing, frogging, rewriting, crying to my tech editor, and delving into all sorts of tangles.  Since the light at the end of the tunnel is beginning to glimmer, I figured today was a great day to catch you all up. First up, the 3 designs I wrote last summer for late Winter / early Spring 2023.  Well brain fog during writing made them completely incomprehensible, even to me.  So despite the samples being “ready to go” sample / photography wise, instead of burying myself in those rewrites, I …

Joy of Knitting!

2023 Theme

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Over the last few years, I delved deeply into a lot of techniques.  To celebrate 2023 joy of knitting theme, this year we’ll be revisiting some of favorites in new ways.  From brioche to lace, regular cables to slipped stitch cables over garter stitch backgrounds, keep an eye out for easy accessories, technique filled beautifully structured garments, and a couple of exciting collaborations. Without letting too much out of the bag, here a few a snapshots of what’s coming: Last year I fiddled (and fiddles and frogged and fiddled and tossed in time out and fiddled) a design in brioche that featured butterflies.  After designing a shawl with the final butterfly motif in mind, I knit up the “plain” shawl …

into the unknown graphic

Heading Out of the Unknown

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What a wildly unexpected year 2022 turned out to be!  13 new designs, oodles of mini tutorials, new cables with notations, a complete website overhaul, and a few events, too, made these past 12 months fly by. The 2022 Slip and Rise Pattern Club brought these 6 designs, along with a KAL option: Shadowlands Headband, Love Letters Cowl, Vertical Hiker, Archways, Floral Chic, Glistening Evergreens Peppered throughout the club releases, these stand-alone patterns appeared: Optimistic Elevations – slipped stitch cables in the pattern club and slipped stitch cables out of the pattern club… Into the Unknown can easily be dubbed the year of slipped stitch cables! Depth Perception – turning 40 as an April birthday girl and being “Miss April” …

Glistening Evergreens cowl

Glistening Evergreens

Lindsay Lewchuk 2022 New Releases, Announcements, Cowls, Into the Unknown (2022 theme), Men, Slip and Rise Pattern Club

Drifting softly, falling gently, white clumps of snow appear speckling the landscape and changing the colors of Glistening Evergreens.  Whether exploring a choose-and-cut lot for just the right Christmas tree or hiking through an evergreen wilderness, the appearance of snow dramatically changes the scene.  A medley of simple slipped stitch cables over Garter stitch background creates the evergreen motif while the optional color change adds surprise and delight. The tech edited and test knit pattern is fully written and charted with a couple of how-to videos available on the Knit Eco Chic blog. Available exclusively in our 2022 “Slip and Rise” Pattern Club!Pick up the Slip and Rise Pattern Club on Payhip, Ravelry, and Lovecrafts. Finished Measurements:Cowl (shown): 24”/ 61cm around by 10.5”/ 26.5cm …

Tulle Collar by Jill Wolcott

Tulle Collar

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Mentor and designer, Jill Wolcott, delivers the final design to the Technicolor: Matinee collection.  If you are looking for a cozy design, check out her Tulle Collar!  This double thick knit features textured stitches and gorgeous buttons.  If you read Jill’s essay in the eBook, you’ll find a few names for this design.  Never fear, check her blog for the story behind the story’s story! 1. Which came first, the movie or the designDefinitely the movie came first. 2. Is your design something to knit while watching a movieYou can knit most of this while watching a movie.  Like all of my designs, there are moments of needing to pay attention, and lots of good viewing knitting. 3. Any sneak …

Holyrood Hooded Scarf by Sue McCain, photography by Avi C. Dascaloff

Holyrood Hooded Scarf

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Sue McCain dives deep into the cold weather knitting season with her contribution to the Technicolor: Matinee collection. Featuring strong yet beautiful geometrics, Holyrood Hooded Scarf, invites you to escape to the Scottish countryside through your stitches! I can’t decide what I love more – the gorgeous hoodie or the perfectly simple scarf? 1. Which came first, the movie or the design? Honestly, as soon as I chose the movie (which took about 10 seconds), the design came flying right behind. So much of Outland for me is about the scenery, buildings, and clothing. I’ve been to some of the places they used for movie locations, and I’ve seen the incredible beauty of the Scottish countryside. As a rider, I’ve …

Calla Lily Wrap by Carol Herman. Photo by Avi C. Dascaloff

Calla Lily Wrap

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The next release in the Technicolor: Matinee eBook is Calla Lily Wrap by Carol Herman (aka Knit Equals Joy). I love Carol’s blending of highly textured sections with easy sections. Curiously enough we both picked the same pattern from the 4 to use and were both inspired by Katherine Hepburn! 1. Which came first, the movie or the design?  The design came first, based on the stitches our group of designers selected.  My original hope had been to come up with a colorwork design, but our choice of stitches ruled that out.  Once the design became concrete, it led me to think of Bringing Up Baby and other madcap romance/comedies of the 1930’s and ‘40’s. 2. Is your design something …