Double Knit Hat with Double Layer Knitting Ribbing

Stitch in Focus: Double Layer Knitting Rib Stitch

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I really loved how this rib stitch creates a double layer of ribbing.  With a few tricks, the stitches will nest perfectly into each other!  Like Double Layer Knitting, you work the stitches in pairs of 1 MC and 1 CC.  It creates a completely reversible and double thick fabric! Check out the video to see how.  Double Layer Knitting, the Rib Stitch, breaks down into a simple 4 st repeat: MC – k1, yf CC – k1 (leave yarn in back) MC – p1 (leave yarn in front) CC – yf, p1 MCCC – both yarns to back *No patterns are released yet featuring this rib stitch, but some are in the works.  Here’s a shot of cameradad’s finished …

2024 theme: knit - knitworthy 'n intriguing techniques

KNIT 2024 theme

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For those of you who’ve followed along for a while, you know the first blog of the year is the theme announcement.  Following alphabetically, I don’t think this year is too much of a shocker. Introducing the year of KNIT k: knitworthy n: ‘n i: intriguing t: techniques What to look forward to?  THE BIG PROJECTS! My next knitting book is in the works!  A book of shawls featuring my favorite “intriguing” technique, short rows.  Like Take the Plunge, this book will be available in both printed and ebook formats.  With beautiful designs, some familiar and some new shapes, behind the scene insights, and a few special bonuses, I hope you enjoy short row swinging your way through all the …

That’s a Wrap

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You know I can’t resist a good pun, especially a knitting one!  So, let’s review “Joy of Knitting” before the ending credits roll in 2023. Off the Set Kicking off the Joy of Knitting, Off the Set took the stitch pattern I fell in love with from last year’s collection (On the Set) and transformed it into a super cute cloche!  Joy was both in the familiar stitches as well as the mental puzzle of figuring out how to turn it into a hat. Diamond Discovery While stashing down for Maine, Diamond Discovery became!  Joyful satisfaction in transforming a old swatch that cameramom fell in love with into a cowl she loves to wear.  Reducing stash by a skein was …

Treescape Hat Beanie back

Treescape Hat

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For a day in the sun and cold, is there any place where functional fashion is more important than in a “beat the cold” hat?  Treescape Hat overlays gorgeous lace trees on a silky background.  The inner hat knit in your favorite “beat the cold” fiber, shown in temperature-regulating silk, keeps the noggin cozy while the outer hat brings the delights of life in the woodlands.  Styles include both a slouchy and a beanie! The tech edited and test knit intermediate level pattern is fully written and charted with 3 how-to videos. $12.00 Please note: price on knitCompanion is set by knitCompanion Sizes:  S (M, L, XL) to fit head circumferences of 19 (20, 21, 22)”/ 48 (51, 53.5, 56)cm …

Stitch in Focus Double Layer Knitting

Stitch in Focus Double Layer Knitting

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What do you do if you want to knit two layers of fabric in the round without wrong sides facing each other?  Well, you *could* use two sets of DPNs, but is there another way?  YES!  Dubbed “double layer knitting” because it’s a lot like double knitting, but without the purls.  This technique allows you to work two layers of fabric on the same needles so you can easily transition between integrating and non-integrating sections.  Both layers have RS facing knits and WS facing purls creating a double layer of fabric. See Treescape Hat in action on IG Part 1: Part 2: Part 3: All videos in 1 – Treescape Hat Rejoining Video Tutorial

Holyrood Hooded Scarf by Sue McCain, photography by Avi C. Dascaloff

Holyrood Hooded Scarf Technicolor Movie Night Release 8

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The final release in our 8-pattern collection is Holyrood Hooded Scarf by Sue McCain.  Like Rannoch Moor Swing Coat, Holyrood Hooded Scarf was designed for horseback riding through the Scottish moors but works equally well here in the US.  I love the extra depth this hoodie has so you can really tuck back inside against any violent winds… or to keep a clandestine identity 😉.  The geometric stitch pattern is a lovely coordinating pattern to that in the coat as well.  Layer them or wear them individually! Buy your copy today here on Payhip – Or Ravelry – Technicolor: Movie Night includes 2 patterns from each of the following 4 designers – Carol Herman of Knit Equals Joy, …

The Tutorial That Never Was Photo Gallery

The Tutorial That Never Was

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Part of the “Joy of Knitting” design year’s goal is to get Meanwhile in Maine back on track.  To do so required (another) design detour!  I decided to step back and design a KISS sweater.  Sometimes when designs are so complex, I lose sight of basic pattern writing skills and the result is a jumbled mess of complex design with a “cliff notes” writing style entangled into a blob of incomprehensibility.  So, this KISS staple was like clearing out the cobwebs and going back to focusing on one thing – writing a great, simple, and easy to follow pattern.  Though basic, it still needed to hold my interest, so I’d know it’d hold yours.  KISS was design principle 1.  Speed …

Tweedy Chic main photo with sun glare

Tweedy Chic

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Cozy up in style with Tweedy Chic!  A beautiful accent highlights the neckline on this fall to winter weight sweater.  Create that tweed look with one strand of fingering weight (shown in silk) and one strand of worsted weight (shown in cotton) held together.  Perfect with leggings; the longer-in-back-shorter-in-front hem sports a surprising accent.  Hike the Outer Hebrides in warmth or ice skate in Central Park in New York style. The tech edited and test knit easy (not beginner) level pattern is fully written.  The pattern includes a schematic and how-to stitch video for the kfyof.  $18.00 Now available on KC! Note: KnitCompanion sets their own prices. Sizes: To Fit Busts: 32”/ 81.5cm (36”/ 91.5cm, 38”/ 96.5cm, 42”/ 106.5cm, 46”/ 117cm, …

Rannoch Moor Swing Coat by Sue McCain.

Swinging into number 7 Rannoch Moor Swing Coat in Technicolor Movie Night Release 7

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Horse enthusiast, knitting magazine & book pattern tech editor, and all-around talented knitwear designer, Sue McCain contributes the last 2 designs in our Technicolor: Movie Night collection.  Sue was inspired by a rather famous series, Outlander, as well as her favorite Scottish moors. The flared of Rannoch Moor Swing Coat is all about riding through the moors on your faithful steed!  But Sue did an excellent job transforming the functional design element into multiple venues.  It works great for chasing kiddos at the park or afternoons snuggled up by the fire. My favorite part is her use of one of the stitch patterns from this collection.  The strong geometrics in that rich golden color so speak to her inspiration! Buy …