Kanine Kap Kampaign – In Loving Memory of Beau

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I took a few days off my knitting schedule to answer sweet Beau’s call for hats. Inspired by all things fur-baby, I designed “Blues Clues” hat, a simple Stockinette hat in organic cotton with cotton/ bamboo spot appliques. “Vogue Girls Beanie” with a paw print and flower is knit in Kollage’s Milky Whey (50% milk/ 50% soy) yarn.  Each stripe is accented with a purl row. Join the drive and send a hat of comfort to a suffering child today.  Beau’s call is posted below: Recently, Mark & Susie, owners of Kollage Yarns, had to deal with the loss of a loved one to cancer. They lost their beloved fur-baby, Beau, to cancer of the heart. Those of us who have lost pets to cancer know …

Dye to Perfection

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Last Fiber Focus I introduced organic cotton yarn, history, and manufacturing. But before I get into the particulars of knitting with organic cotton, one more important aspect needs examination: the dying process. Since I’m a dyeing novice, I decided to go to the experts. Heidi Braacx from Vegan Yarns and Quo Vadis Handspun graciously agreed share some dyeing knowledge with us. Part 1: Dying Organic Cotton Q1: Are there any differences in dyeing regular cotton verses organic cotton fibers? If so, what are they? What specifics would a seasoned, but new to organic cotton dyer need to know? There’s not too much of a difference except that typically conventional cotton has been scoured more heavily, so, that means conventional cotton …

Half a Life

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Today is a rather dark anniversary for me, but being the realistic optimist I am, I decided the best way to make it a positive anniversary is to share my story with a few special people – you. I’m 32 years old and 16 years ago today I suffered a biological overload from an allergic reaction to embalming fluid during the mandatory fetal pig dissection in 9th grade science class. In one day, I went from having a typical high school athletic existence, including daily soccer practice to not being able to walk or even dress without assistance. Long story short, because who likes to dwell on darkness, the illnesses kicked off by this episode left me without the physical …

Fiber Focus: Organic Cotton

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From the earliest times to present day, organic cotton reigned as the work horse of the plant fiber yarns. Using cotton for fabric dates as far back as the Mesolithic period (the Middle Stone Age). The earliest surviving example of cotton bolls and cloth were found in caves in Mexico and dated by scientists to be at least 7,000 years.[i] Since modern industrial technology hadn’t yet mucked around with cotton, you can be assured, it was organic they were using! Okay, so it’s been around FOREVER, but what is it? Organic cotton is the same plant as non-organic cotton. (Well, the same if the non-organic isn’t from a genetically modified seed!) Part of the Gossypium genus, this cellulose fiber grows …

Continuing the Legacy

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Delight filled my heart when my two nephews and sister arrived to help me celebrate my 32nd birthday. A close-knit family, separated by hundreds of miles, we rarely get to visit face to face. With my brother-in-law on a work trip, my nephews begged to go visit “Yaya.” One of the amusements I planned for them, in addition to the adventurous climbing of Rock Dimensions’s Climbing Wall, was the stimulating task of learning to knit. Guess which nephew made it to the very top – about 40 feet high! Nathaniel (age 7) had been curious about Yaya’s job for quite some time. He was enchanted by the cool cotton lime green yarn that changed colors and the spotted knitting needles …

Ravellenic Games 2014: the road to the Fibonacci Drops Shawl

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The Ravellenic 2014 challenge was simply put: Challenge yourself by starting and finishing one or more projects during the 2014 Winter Olympics. What will be a stretch for you? It could be a new technique, that first sweater or pair of socks, something massive, something delicate, or maybe finishing that monster in the closet. The goal of the Ravellenic Games is to support you in expanding your knitting/crocheting horizons. After mulling it over for a day, the challenge I took on was to “design a new pattern, something I’ve not designed before, and knit it during the 2014 Winter Olympics.” That challenge resulted in the goal of: design a triangular shawl (something new) with drop stitches (something new and scary), …

Ravelry’s Bundling: Uncage the O

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There is a side of me that I keep buried deep, deep, deep down. I inherited it from my mother. When it rears its ugly head, my life of perfect creative clutter gets wiped clean and I can’t find a thing. The nastiness is known as “organization” to many, but “death to creativity” to me. The “dreaded O” is forced upon my office twice annually, but remains well-tamed the rest of the time. Unless, that is, something wonderful causes it to break free of the cage. Last week, Ravelry released a tool that unlocked the monster. The “dreaded O” appeared in full furry, gobbling up the “bundling” code. Yes, I had plans for my Saturday, but the new bundling tool …

Introducing Knit Eco Chic

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Knit Eco Chic, Lindsay Lewchuk’s knitwear and pattern design company, provides the highest quality hand knits and knitting patterns with a focus on organic, natural, socially responsible, sustainable, and alternative fiber yarns for the modern age.  Formerly, Eco Chic Knits, Knit Eco Chic embodies the same three foundational philosophies: 1. Use of eco yarns 2. Knits that fit curves 3. Unique and intricate patterns In addition to being a design company, Knit Eco Chic also serves as a call to action.  Over the coming years, Lindsay hopes to be a source of information about eco knitting, eco knitting practices, and eco knitting resources.  Follow her blog or join the Knit Eco Chic Ravelry Group to find resources for eco yarns …

Fibonacci Drops Shawl

Fibonacci Drops Shawl

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The Fibonacci Drops Shawl, Knit Eco Chic’s debut release, emboldens mathematicians world-wide by squaring the Fibonacci sequence.  Appearing in both the striped sequence and drop stitch sequence, the Fibonacci sequence brings the innate beauty of the golden ratio to this triangular shawl design.  The simplicity of the design makes this versatile shawl the perfect accessory for spring and summer. Special Notes:

City Girl Cowl

City Girl Cowl

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Truly unique with tendrils and beads, this stylish cowl transitions from fall through winter. Whether for a night on the town, lunch with the girls, or cozying up by the fire, City Girl Cowl will keep you warm and fashion forward. Special Notes: