Malabrigo Yarn Mora and Verano on the deck

Behind the Design with Malabrigo Yarn

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I’ve so enjoyed being part of Malabrigo’s Quickies programs these last few years. Tweedy Toppers fits into the Joy of Knitting theme because of how much fun designing (& knitting) these Quickies are! The call, the submission, checking the email for the “ya” or “nay” and then celebrating with cameramom and cameradad when the “ya” news comes in. Keeping the secret until the release is definitely a challenge! As I work on the project I frequently announce to the family room, I’m “Miss September” this year ;-).

Malabrigo Yarn Mora and Verano on the deck

Learn more about this 2-skein design, development, and the subtle influences on Malabrigo’s interview with yours truly about Tweedy Toppers on the Malabrigo blog here:

September Quickies:</a> Tweedy Toppers — Malabrigo Blog (

Tweedy Toppers glamor shot with sunset

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