Meanwhile in Maine collage blocking sweater and kitchen cabinets installed

Blocking and Packing

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Check it out (!) – the Meanwhile in Maine sweater is on the blocking board!!!!!!  Of course, the design is staying hidden, but this is a major step after the completed sample literally lived on my desk for months while prototype 2 was underway and the pattern got an overhaul from cast on to bind off.

In the end, I went for the “hard” math / grading in order to have the neckline finish below the underarm joins.  After weeks in excel working on each size individually for a superb fit, I frogged prototype 2 back to double check the pattern before proceeding.

I colour code to make tracking it easier – but this is the entire back of the sweater from cast on to bind off… and ya, all the numbered check!

Though prototype 2 has a different slope on the short rows, here, too, I returned to the original for the pattern.  This alternate stayed on prototype 2 as I didn’t want to have 2 identical sweaters. I didn’t like the sharper corner for publication, but I’m hoping it will block out okay for personal wear. 

The current state of the pattern – it’s short of a few essentials – blocking schematic and stitch counts on the collar pick up.  But really close to being TE ready.  We’ll see if the little grey cells can focus enough with all that’s going on to finish, but most likely will be a few more weeks before it hits TE eyes. 

Prototype 2 is in the queue for blocking before the move.  I’m running out of days and drying space because….

Meanwhile in Maine Update

Remember this blog from WAAYYY back in 2020?  Big News | Knit Eco Chic  Well, it’s finally built!  Movers (aka some very helpful young men from our church) are coming on the 18th to pack up the furniture and we head out on the 19th to officially move in!  I’m beyond excited and full of anticipation to see what God has in store for our life up in Maine!!!!!!!  After 4 years, I finally get to see the land for the very first time in real life!!! It’s a bit unnerving to move to a place you’ve never before even visited, but the excitement is definitely conquering the fear.

To celebrate (and help cover some of the unexpected costs like fixing the floors in Maine for the 3rd time), I’m running a pattern sale from now until my first full day in Maine.  What’s so special about March 20th?  Not only is it to be my first full day up in our new healthy home lovingly built with all allergy-friendly materials, but March 20th was Puddles Gotcha Day Anniversary – 12 years to the day God gave him to me!  Spread the word and grab your favorites from my self-published catalogue on Payhip and Ravelry at 25% off with code:


From our drive home – Puddles quickly informed me he loved the crate, but hated to door closed because it rattled. Door opened (often with my hand resting on the ledge, he was so content for the drive to NC!

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  1. Such a sweet, sweet boy. I actually do think of Puddles and his tree carrying hijinx often – and of course, you as well!

    I’m so happy to hear that the wait is finally over! Absolutely am looking forward to seeing and hearing all about your new home! I bet it’s gorgeous and just waiting for you to settle in!

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