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Instagram Fall Shawl KAL 2017

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Everyone needs a good shawl for Fall, so I’ve joined up with a group of designers for a multi-designer shawl KAL on Instagram – #FallShawlKAL2017! *The KAL runs until October 15, 2017 on Instagram. We’ve got great prizes lined up to keep the IG fun going through th whole event! Since it’s sometimes hard to get all the info into IG’s available space we created a Raverly group. If you’ve got longer questions or just need a place where you can see all the details in one place, stop by here.

Puddles pointing to optional strap on Ladies Night Out

Optional Strap How To

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Love Ladies Night Out, but need a little extra support? Puddles and I have you covered with just a few extra picots created with your scrap yarn! Check out the “optional” directions in the Finishing section of your pattern. Or if you are a more visual person, watch the “Optional Straps How-To” video below. Video Want to watch it directly on You Tube? Copy & paste this link into your browser: https://youtu.be/LlXeVfJHYlQ


Chilean Spice and Indie Nice

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With the indiesunite month of Instagram prompts just coming to an end, I wanted to continue the indie love so I decided to interview one of my favorite Instagram friends, co-indie Marcela Chang Rojas! She graciously agreed and even threw in a give-a-way to celebrate a her newest release (more on that below). I first met Marcela in the Indie Design Gift-a-long and was captured by her commitment to eco when I saw her interview on TNBT (The Next Beautiful Thing) podcast. I was fascinated to learn about her culture in South America and how she stays true to her ethos while designing in Chile! Hi to all!!!My name is Marcela Chang and Im a knitwear designer from Chile. Super …

Shoulder Short Rows How To

Sleeve Cap Short Rows How To

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I love it when you guys ask questions about techniques! How-to “blank” knitting tips are my favorite things to talk about because there are so many wonderful techniques in the knitting world and lots of different ways of achieving the same end. But sometimes a specific technique is required in order to stay true to the principles of a particular design. Such a case occurred when Ladies Night Out was in testing. One of the lovely test knitters said she was new to top down sleeves with sleeve cap short rows when combined with on the bias knitting. She found this tutorial so helpful, I decided to include it in the pattern. Happy knitting! Video Or copy and paste this …

Ladies Night Out close up front

Ladies Night Out

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Knit in anticipation of your treasured Ladies’ Night Out – the one dedicated to girl talk. Get all dolled up in your FO, head to the hottest ticket in town, and hang the “no guys allowed” sign on your favorite drink, or spend the evening chalking it up while laughing with your friends. The tech edited and test knit pattern is fully written with schematics and a full pattern cheat sheet. Check out the Knit Eco Chic channel on You Tube for 2 how-to videos –sleeve cap short rows and optional straps. $8.25



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In humourous contrast to this year’s design theme “daring details” this year’s life theme has been expect the unexpected! The latest hiccup was an electronic death toll (the family health issues continue, but so far modern technical science and God’s grace has sustained all). I know I missed posting last week – my computer began a slow downward spiral Tuesday until a complete death 1 hour before my class Wednesday. So I’m still playing catch up, but wanted to pause for a moment to express my gratitude. Dad is definitely the hero of the PC battle!!! 5 days (literally – morning, noon, and night) he performed computer surgery until he had me back up and running without a loss of …



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I loved seeing how a simple design allowed for such vast variations when each secret knitting agent brought her own vision and creativity to the coding process! Thanks again for taking part and bringing your uniqueness to the MKAL challenge.

CIA Cowl doubled

CIA Cowl

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Formerly top-secret, this declassified release of CIA Cowl invites everyone to knit up their own code combination! Knit the base cowl, then choose coding materials like I-cord, crochet chain, or ribbon to connect the dots in your own personal secret code. With over a million combinations it is up to you to decide, will you blend in or stand out in your CIA Cowl?

CIA Cowl Shadow the Rabbit

FO Codebook

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For me, my favorite part about any (M)KAL coming to an end is the FO thread. In our current MKAL for the CIA Cowl, what I loved in particular was how unique and personal each FO is! All these different cowls came from the same pattern, but with yarn choice and code selection, each conceals itself in different environments perfectly keeping these secret knitting agents undercover! The secret knitting agents agreed to let me share their work with you… enjoy! (c)ElTelardeIxchel. Used with permission. (c)LisaDP. Used with permission. (c)Kristie1983. Used with permission. (c)sherimari. Used with permission. (c)erindee5575. Used with permission. (c)LaurenW13. Used with permission. (c)20Irene. Used with permission. Share your congratulations with those who created this fabulous codebook by popping …