Soaking Up the Sun in Beach Bum

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Isn’t it funny how some designs come about? Beach Bum falls into that “oops, but hey that works” category! Over the winter 2019, as I was planning designs for the 2020 Moebi Knits Pattern Club I knew I wanted to incorporate a moebius into a summer wardrobe. The concept idea featured a moebius where ‘double’ came into play with how you could wear it

Color Me Surprised

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On Monday, these skeins were almost all knit up into this year’s MKAL design!  To get an idea of the size… Puddles front paw is on one wing and his back paws were on the other with still more shawl behind him – 44 inch span! Designing within 10% so you don’t lose at yarn chicken makes for lots of little balls bopping upon Puddles head as I knit. Today, this is what they look like. 12 yarn balls all in a row, 2 different gradient sets see how they go So, I decided to make some lemonade!  Before I started, I’d wanted to take a photo of the 2 bases next to each other and them promptly forgot, eagerly …

Milady Admiral Beaded outline version Fearless Feet Fibers

Milady Admiral

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As an Admiral butterfly lights upon the trickling waterfall in a garden fountain, Milady Admiral gloves elegantly portray the scene.  Soft as a butterfly’s fluttering wings, Milady Admiral graces hands with loving stitches.  Admiral butterflies sparkle upon your wrist while the added sheen of glass beads is certain to brighten any day.  Drop stitches invite all butterflies to take flight.  This gentle touch of the butterfly’s wings warms your heart.  With Admiral’s kisses, enjoy these stitches.