eco elements theme

Eco Elements

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And the 2018 design theme is… More commonly identified when thinking about “eco elements” are the materials themselves. I’m branching out there too! Sadly, animal-fiber (for me) still isn’t doable. But if you are a test knitter, I’d love your animal-fiber feedback so I can start recommending options based on your experiences! Where I’m branching out is into the three R’s. But more on this to come. Look for a notecard on each release blog checking off the “eco elements” in both categories!

Daring Details Logo

Daring Details Detailed

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Bundled for a scavenger hunt! Bundled for a scavenger hunt! K2tog by God – What “Daring Details” are inside this diaper cover? K2tog by God re-introduces my “Zip As You Knit”(TM) technique, which provides an easy way of doing color work for cotton without long yarn carries! I-cords and color work also fall into the “daring details” category. Zipline – It’s a cowl, it’s a snood, it’s a hat, no… it’s all 3! Convertibility is the “daring detail” behind this design – with 3 ties that run the length of the design and 1 tie that rounds the circumference. It even can be converted to a trendy “messy bun hat” 😉. Inspired by extreme winter sports and those daring enough …

Woodsong timeline

The Winding Road to Woodsong Camber

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It’s a behind the scenes timeline look back at my design process. I shorted it to highlight the important stages, but it is as long as was the roller coaster adventure behind the design. Enjoy! Don’t worry – this didn’t make the cut! But it was the original ;-). Don’t worry – this didn’t make the cut! But it was the original ;-). Over the next several months I worked with the TE to rebuild the parts into a standard pattern format. With each homogenization of the parts the difficulty increased as the tools needed for that particular section were not right next to the section. However, we worked through it until we had what we thought was a test …

Woodsong camber front

Woodsong Camber

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Textured trails beckon your stitches to amble around your curves in Woodsong Camber. Wander through the woods to an unexpected cutback branching onto a mountain trail reflective of the diagonal perpendicular design element. Woodsong Camber – a frequent choice for crisp Fall days on the trails when colorful leaves glisten in the sun or for long awaited snowy weather romps with loved ones. The tech edited and test knit intermediate + level pattern is fully written with the pattern repeats charted. The transition between the lower detail and upper detail is charted row by row by individual size. The pattern also comes with a cheat sheet for each size. A blocking schematic rounds out the pattern aids.

stitch demo kfyof / pfyof

Stitch in Focus kfyof

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Today’s “Stitch in Focus” is kfyof – knit into front, yarn over, front. Being a recent bulky weight yarn convert, I realized that my old faithful 2 stitch increase method, kfbf, was noticeably off kilter when knit with bulky weight yarn. This just wouldn’t do! So for the Snow Gazer patterns (and future 2018 heavier weight yarn new releases… hint, hint), I switched to kfyof (and the corresponding purl version – pfyof). Prefer to watch it directly on YouTube? Click here to watch and give it a thumbs up.

Knit Eco Chic patterns now available on loveknitting


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Knit Eco Chic patterns are now on!, is a subsidiary of LoveCrafts, “a global community for makers everywhere.” Operating much like an LYS, you can purchase patterns, yarn, and notions from their site and have them delivered to you worldwide. Additionally, like your favorite LYS, you can find advice and interact with other crafters by uploading your own completed projects! I’ve went ahead and linked the patterns to recommended yarn when available so you can bundle your yarn and pattern purchases together. Additionally, I joined their blog team (“the Flock”) so keep an eye out next year for our blogs. Puddles and I look forward to seeing you over on loveknitting. Remember to tag me so we see …

Birdies Yarn Bulky Organic Cotton in Koi

Birdies Knits Bulky Weight Yarn Review

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A surprise snow this morning became the perfect backdrop for a still shot of “Snow Gazer” after wearing it nigh an hour of hiking through the snow with Puddles. A surprise snow this morning became the perfect backdrop for a still shot of “Snow Gazer” after wearing it nigh an hour of hiking through the snow with Puddles. I’m a bulky weight yarn convert! With bulky yarn and “large” needles, I knit a cowl in just a couple of knitting sessions and the headband in just a few hours!! The amazing colors in today’s yarn review are hand dyed by BirdieKnits, a woman with an incredible eye for color and a customer focused business sense. Gauge Summary US 10/ 6mm …

Snow Gazer front

Snow Gazer

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When your exhale turns white as it escapes your lips, the sign foretells of frosty climes and the time to don your Snow Gazer cowl. With a radar like shape reaching straight to your heart, your whole neck and chest stay comfy cozy. The unique detail in back adds structure to keep the cowl standing up tall. Knitting with bulky yarn completes this design before the first snowflakes cumulate upon the ground outside your window. • The center front detail alters the stitch count every other round. On odd number rounds the stitch count decreases by 2 stitches and on even number rounds the stitch count increases by 2 stitches, yielding a net 0 stitch count change every 2 rounds …

Snow Gazer Headband side view

Snow Gazer Headband

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Snow Gazer cowl cuddles your neck and chest, but what about when your ears scream “FREEZING”? Bundle up with your bulky weight yarn in front of the fire to whip out the complimentary Snow Gazer Headband design. By the time the sun sits low on the horizon, you’ll be set with cowl and headband complete, ready to watch the falling snow from along the trails.