Fibonacci Squared Men's Scarf

Fibonacci Squared Men’s Scarf

Lindsay Lewchuk Men, Patterns

Fibonacci Squared Men’s Scarf (originally published in 2011) is updated with a new layout, modeled pictures, and another Fibonacci inspired color sequence!  Wrap the man you love in style pleasing to his left sided brain and the warmth of organic cotton this fall and winter. The beginning level pattern tech edited pattern includes written directions and color two changing charts. Note: the yarns have been discontinued. Substitute your favorite DK weight yarn with a gauge of 5.25-5.5 sts/ inch and 8-8.5 rows/ inch on US 6/ 4mm. I originally used two different yarns for the added dimension of different texture, but using all the same yarn or even three different yarns is fine for this pattern as long as the …

Black Willow Cowl & Scarf

Black Willow Cowl & Scarf

Lindsay Lewchuk Cowls, Men, Patterns, Scarves

Recuperating after a treatment, I looked out the window and became enthralled with a majestic old black willow tree. The textures in the bark and the magnitude of the trunk drew me in. Determined to capture and recreate what I saw in yarn, I created 6 mini design elements, which I then mixed and mingled on the knitting needles until the texture evoked that same majesty as the magnificent specimen God placed in front of me. As a final nod to the sparkling sunset haloing the massive tree, beads were added to the edges and cables. Special Notes: