Photoshop Removing Stray Hairs

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For Valentine’s Day this year I decided to update “Tugging My Heart Strings” with the modeled photos from last summer.  After the photo shoot I did a quick glance through to make sure I got a “hero” and several close up shots, got busy with current projects, and put them in a drawer (okay a folder on my computer) until my calendar dinged, Update Tugging My Heart String photos. Working on the project this week my heart sank.  Could it be?  I called dad in to see if a man’s eye could see the issue.  “Looks like a great close up… too bad you have those hairs distracting you from seeing the knitting.”  ::head desk:: To Google I went looking …

Teaching Boys to Knit

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To celebrate his 8th birthday, my nephew asked for another knitting lesson. But since he’s all the way over there & I’m all the way back here the solution was to create a video. The video covers creating a slip knot and then each step for a 15 stitch small swatch including cast on, knit stitch, purl stitch, and bind off with boy inspired analogies. Happy birthday Nathaniel! I’m thrilled you are eager to learn to knit & hope you enjoy your birthday lesson.

Patternfish Article

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I was honored when Gayle Clow of Patternfish asked me to write an article on my experiences with knitting & EI (environmental illness).  Read it in full in the “From the Ambassador’s Desk” section of Patternfish’s first newsletter of 2015 here, then check out the list of Knit Eco Chic patterns available on their site. Happy knitting!

#wearyourknitting campaign

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Beauty meets function, style meets utilitarianism – knitting embodies the aesthetic and artistic while concurrently being functional and useful. After pleasurable hours, days, and weeks spent knitting a creation, the crafter’s joy continues through incorporating the item into his or her wardrobe (or given the generous nature of knitters, the wardrobes of family and friends). The campaign: #wearyourknitting campaign celebrates the artistic and utilitarian aspects of knitting. Whether styling that special sweater for a first date or your go-to scarf to spice up your workday wardrobe, knitting fits into all aspects of life. From summer beach cover ups to winter coats, there is hardly a piece of clothing that hasn’t been knit and worn with pride. The challenge: Snap a …

2015 Preview!

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2015 is shaping up to be an exciting year for Knit Eco Chic! Yarn: Look for patterns featuring organic cotton, bamboo, and linen. Style: Accessories – cowls, shawls, and maybe even something for the wrists & hands. Garments – a sweater and a few tanks. Fun: A spring MKAL is in the works. The pattern has been my baby for over a year now and I can’t wait to share it with you all. I’m bursting with excitement!! Here’s the first hint to the design – it is a non-Pi circular shawl with optional beading. Head over to my Pinterest board for a sneak peak on upcoming designs: Pinterest board 2015 preview This year the board will be structured slightly …

Birthday boy Puddles is taking over!

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Three years ago my blessing from God entered this world with his 7 siblings. He is son of Pi & Eden – two gorgeous blue Great Danes & cousin through Pi to my first Great Dane, Cheeky. God surely does know how to give good & perfect gifts!!! Happy 3rd birthday Puddleglum. Now he’s taking over my blog for a special Knit Eco Chic Ravelry announcement. That’s right, to celebrate I released “Snowbound Trails Cowl” with a “Gift 1, Get 1” Ravelry special.  Send your BFF a copy & spread the word! Pattern also available on Knit Eco Chic & will be available shortly on other platforms: Patternfish, Craftsy, & Etsy.

Indie Design GAL – “So You Want to be a Knitting Designer” book review

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Alex Tinsley’s “So You Want to be a Knitting Designer” ebook is a primer on the ins and outs of being a knitting designer. Her easy writing style, comical antidotes, and no holds bar advice from experience gives a full purview of the career. A must read for all budding designers! After a short introduction, Alex dives into the essence of the job – writing patterns: what goes into a pattern, how are they formatted, how much information to include, what peripherals might be needed, etc. You might have 1001 fabulous pattern ideas, but it is essential to the career to be able to convey those ideas in a manner in which other knitters to reproduce the intended FO (finished …

Puffed Sleeves, Modernizing Traditional Christmas Styling

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When I thought of traditional Christmas in the creation of Cassandra Christmas Sweater, an essential element that came to mind was puffed sleeves. In Anne of Green Gables (the movie), Anne is invited to a Christmas party by Diana’s family. She desires more than anything to have a dress with puffed sleeves. Her beloved Matthew surprised her with a dress he picked out precisely according to her wishes. Anne replied, “The puffiest!” So for those romantics like Matthew & Anne, here’s how to adjust the sleeves to achieve “the puffiest.” I knit the original sample for my mom, who, like Matthew & Anne, wanted this classical elegance. Note: includes the puffiest puffs & pleats in those puffs. Work the BO …

Ravelry Highlight: Nin Designs

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The budding designer’s group on Ravelry is a great place for meeting other budding designers & finding cool offers.  This one, from Nin Leavitt, was just too good to let pass: an offer for tech editing by a budding tech editor! Nin Leavitt (KeswickArtsCrafts) was gracious enough to give a second set of eyes to Cable Berry Cowl.  She was thorough in her examination and found several “whoops” before publication.  She checked the front matter, written directions, charted directions, and most importantly that the written directions matched the charted directions. So if you are a designer with a non-sweater challenge that will help her grow, take Nin up on her offer!  You won’t be disappointed. Nin’s done her homework, taken several …