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Body, Collar, and a Roof!

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Exciting developments are afoot on both Meanwhile in Maine projects!  First up, the fiber:

(insert trumpet sound) The mental block broke!!!  I’ve been knitting like crazy and am already finished the body, first stab at the collar (it’ll need just a touch of tweaking), and last night I started the first sleeve.  Check out Antionette’s live replay for a sneak peek.  Since she surprised me by putting me on camera yesterday (without any warning, mind you), I thought I’d share the WIP I had to work on during her live.

Race the Sun back
I wore Race the Sun 😉

(to skip to the preview, click here: )

As you can see in the video, I did add a little cable detail to the front, which originally was planned to only have a dart.  I liked this little detail as a way to start the dart. 

Dropping stitches down and laddering them back up in the new pattern was definitely a massive time saver for this tweak!

The dart also went through a tweak.  Originally the 2 st detail was embedded directly into the seed stitch background.  However, more often than not, it got lost.  So, I added a stitch on either side to really make it pop.  Check out the difference!

Now for the build:

We’re dried in with a finished roof!

The is the NW side, with my office on the West

There is more roofing to be done – the utility building and porches, but it is so exciting to pass this long-awaited milestone!  The electrical and plumbing should be finished next week.

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