Autumn Come st close up

brssp3togpsso stitch demo

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The final video in the Autumn Come set is the brssp3togpsso.  This is the one that inspired that whole series as a tester said she found the others on you tube, but not this one.  The brssp3togpsso is a brioche purl decrease – brioche slip, slip, purl 3 brioche sts together, and pass the slipped brioche sts over the st just created.  Wow, that’s a mouthful!  It’s a good thing it’s easier to do than to say 😉.  The main question is when do you bring your yarn to front for the purling?  Both ways work, but my personal preference is to slip first and then bring the yarn to front.  Bringing the yarn to front prior to the slipping is perfectly acceptable too!  Whatever feels best for you, consistency is the key to a beautiful finished item.

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