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Carrying Yarn

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Our newest release, Butterfly Silk, features optional colourwork with some beautiful colour transitions!  But that necessitates the question, how to carry the yarn?  I know there are tons of methods out there – from the “no carrying, I cut and weave in ALL those extra ends” camp to the super sly “hide it in my knitting” camp and everything in between.

I think my new favorite method… at least when garter stitch is involved 😉 is the one I used in my Butterfly Silk sample.

Butterfly Silk wrap
See that little touch of Sabiduria (purple) up by my collar

Visible? Yes, but well worth the time savings on dreaded “finishing” work.  Don’t ya think?

On either the last st of the RS row or the first st of WS next row, hold both MC and CC together to work “k1”.  Just one stitch is sufficient.  Then leave the non-used colour in place and continue on with the row as directed.  When you hit the double thick stitch, simply work the two strands together as if they were only one.  This leap frogs the unused color up your knitting so it’s ready when called for… and saves all those extra ends from weaving in 😉.

Diving deeper on this Garter carrying yarn method: 

If you work the last st of the RS row held double.  The double strands will fold towards the RS of your work when you work the single strand first stitch on the next row.

Zooming in for a Great Dane close-up

If you work the first st of the WS row held double.  The double strands will fold towards the WS of your work when you work the single strand on the last stitch of the next row.

Puddles, your wrong side is showing 😉

What’s your favorite method?

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      That’s true – it is a lot neater than the bulk created by a lot of extra ends – great point. Thanks for sharing!

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