Drawing Lines in the Sand

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…the Winding Path Behind the Tidal Breeze Design My first treatment center was located just north of Charleston, SC. The blessings of beach trips were welcomed reprieves. Even though I wasn’t a knitter at the time, the images of the wet sand and the receding waves stuck in my memory as did my goofy Great Dane, Cheeky, whom my dad brought down to visit me. Years later, I discovered Americo Original yarn & more specifically, their DK weight Linen Tanguis yarn. The novel texture of the blended cellulous fibers made it leap into my purchase basket. The natural color and weight instantly recalled those memories of wet sand and I knew I’d be cabling this yarn into sand… somehow. Time …


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As many of you may not know, today (May 13th) is my annual day of reflection. You may read why in last year’s blog-post Half A Life. While unfortunately not much has changed in my health, a lot has changed at Knit Eco Chic! I want to thank each and every one of you for your support as Puddles & I venture through eco knitting. This past year saw the release of 13 pattern releases, an amazing Indie Design Gift-a-long 2015 experience, and the thrilling Solar Flare MKAL. As I dedicate 2015 to the Lord, I’m grateful for the connections I’ve made in the knitting industry and how those in this industry work together for the betterment of all and …

Puddles Photography Tips for Knitwear Designers Photographing Products with Fur-babies

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Aside: this blog is from Puddles POI 1. Schedule your shoot at the time of day your pet is most cuddly and obedient 2. A tired puppy is a photogenic puppy… or at the very least more likely to be obedient. My typical exercise routine is one 20 to 40 minute constitution each morning, in which I run several miles while my human saunters 1 mile, plus a game of fetch, tug, or chase in the early afternoon. In order for me to be tired, my human followed my typical walk and play schedule and added an extra run (well, at least I was running) and 3 play-times. Plus after the photo shoot, she rewarded me with a third walk …

Solar Flare Circular Shawl Resources

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Looking for the Solar Flare Circular Shawl how-to stitch demos videos for kntiters? Bookmark this blog post for quick access! Part 1 (in the round): Part 2 (worked flat): Swapping Out Beads: If you prefer watching directly on youtube, check out the Knit Eco Chic channel. Happy knitting!

Vote Results

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The votes are in!  Here is the final tally: Post 3: Jennilynn Solar Flare Circular Shawl 56 votes Post 4: erindee5575 Radiation 81 votes Post 5: rainbow1907 Solar Flare Circular Shawl 9 votes Post 7: Ryna-lyn Blue Flare 28 votes Post 8: einnako Sunflower Sea Star Flare 17 votes And the prize winners for the physical prizes are: 1st prize from theuniquesheep: erindee5575 & Happy birthday! 2nd prize from MayaB: Jennilynn 3rd prize laurelhill3: ryna-lyn 4th prize laurelhill3: einnako For the digital prizes, the random generated winners are: swingcat123 – selected Fibonacci Drops Shawl goosebearknits – selected Sheer Illusion Tank Congratulations knitters!  Thank you for all the beautiful projects and thank you everyone for voting on your favorites. You have arrived at the …

Upcycling and Ergonomics at Laurel Hill

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As the Solar Flare MKAL winds down, I had the opportunity to interview Laurel Hill, our final prize donor. From production in a socially responsible manner in relation to man and materials, to ergonomic styling, Laurel Hill Fiber Arts Tools embodies many eco properties. At the heart of these initiatives is the founder, Rick, and the passions he holds dear. 1. How did Rick get into knitting needles & crochet hooks? Is he a knitter/ crocheter? Rick does not knit or crochet but is fascinated that no two people seem to knit or crochet exactly the same way. Working at trade shows and displaying Laurel Hill tools at various Hand Knitting events over the years, Rick became obsessed with designing …

Get Out the Vote!

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The Solar Flare MKAL is coming to a close, which means it’s time to vote for your favorite Solar Flare FO (finished object)! Only votes in the official vote thread in the Knit Eco Chic group on Ravelry count. MKAL-ers are in a “like” and “love” race for four really knit-tastic prizes. Vote early & vote often as more and more MKAL-ers add their FO pictures. Here is a preview of current entries: Entry 1: Solar Flare Shawl by Jennilynn (Thread Post #3) Entry 2: Radiance by Erindee5575 (Thread Post #4) Entry 3: Solar Flare Circular Shawl by rainbow1907 (Thread Post #5) Entry 4: Blue Flare by Ryna-Lyn (Thread Post #7)   Entry #5: Sunflower Sea Star Flare by Einnako (Thread …

Uniquely Unique “The Unique Sheep”

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You’ve heard me say it, tweet it, & pin it before, “If I could only knit with one yarn the rest of my life, organic Green Sheep Cotton Bamboo hand-dyed by Kelly from The Unique Sheep is on the short list!” So it is with pleasurable yarn-loving bias that I bring you today’s interview with Kelly & Laura from The Unique Sheep and reveal the next Solar Flare MKAL prize. 1. After perusing your website I discovered that environmental impact is an important to you. You highlight the following areas in which you strive to be eco: Re-use water multiple times in our dyeing process Use recycled boxes and bags to pack and ship our yarn whenever possible Use recycled …

The Road to Solar Flare

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Solar Flare MKAL: The History Aside: This blog featuring a non-Pi circular shawl is intentionally brought to you on this day 3.14.15 9:26:53 (the Pi Day of the 21st century – yep, it only happens once every 100 years) A long time ago in a galaxy far, far, away (okay actually August, 2011 just outside Toronto, Ontario)… I attended a lecture at the David Dunlap Observatory on Solar Flares. It was fascinating & I was enchanted. Little did I know that this would be an impetus behind the Solar Flare Circular Shawl. I was just beginning my knitting career – in fact working on writing my first pattern, Black Willow Cowl & Scarf. But the images from the enthralling lecture …

Inside the Self-hemming Cast On

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Welcome to the Louet North America Spring 2015 Collection blog tour! I’m the designer behind Olea, a seamless tank with lace detail in Louet’s Euroflax Sport. Information on the giveaway is at the end of the post. “Minimal finishing work is key to the design,” but how exactly do you created a bottom-up hemmed tank with this philosophy in mind? After a bit of trial and error & experience from top down seamless designs, the solution was my self-hemming cast on. Note: when picking up, do not pick up from the first row of stitches as this adds bulk to the hem. Instead, pick up the “CO bar,” which is that length of yarn that runs beneath each stitch holding …