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Odds & Ends, and an Interview

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First off, I want to apologize for the hiccups with the mailchimp blog delivery lately. I hope it is all now fixed, but if you ever have any issues, please feel free to message me. The Indie Design Gift-a-long continues to go strong! I was blessed to be interviewed by designer, Carolyn MacPherson, on her podcast, The Next Beautiful Thing. Interested in learning more about me & Puddles? Check it out here! I’m knitting one of Carolyn’s patterns as part of my “dessert” GAL knitting – if you are looking for quick and easy slippers this winter, check out her “No Place Like Home” design! You won’t be disappointed… I’m on to pair 3 because it is just so well …

Day 3

The 12 Days of Indie Patterns Christmas Song

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Yes you guessed it, this is a spin on the 12 Days of Christmas song. So when you sing each line, be sure to read the lines above it and carry the tune throughout! On the 1st day of the Indie Design Gift-a-long, my true love gave to me: A “Bee Key Pears Mittens” in a “Huggable Christmas Tree” by Virginia Sattler-Reimer and Claire Slade, respectively. On the 2nd day of the Indie Design Gift-a-long, my true love gave to me: 2 “Mini Turtle” “Tuff Love” “Love Birds” by Doreen Blask (Laffrenzen), Faye Kennington, and Stana D.Sortor, respectively. On the 3rd day of the Indie Design Gift-a-long, my true love gave to me: 3 “French Oak” “Fancy Hen(s)” by Marie …

Puddles in Rian

Personal Recommendations

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…Or What Puddles Would Knit If He Had Opposable Thumbs With over 300 indie designers participating in the 4th annual Indie Design Gift-a-long it may seem overwhelming with all the pattern choices. Any pattern by any of the participating designers is eligible to knit/ crochet in the KAL/ CAL threads. Any paid-for (non-free) pattern is eligible to win prizes in the FO thread! So what is a knitter to do? Puddles to the rescue! Here is a list of patterns I recommend that I’ve personally knit (in GALs-by-gone, but also eligible this year) and were exciting on the needles and loved by the recipients off the needles! Garments: Elia – by Julia Trice My first ever GAL project!!! I absolutely …

GAL logo

Join in the Indie Design Giftalong

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T-4 days until the 4th annual Indie Design Gift-a-long begins I can’t believe it is that time already! Join in on the social knitting & crocheting event of the year! It’s easy: 1. Join the Indie Design Gift-a-long group on Ravelry 2. Wait until Tuesday November 22, 2016 at 8PM (EST) Insert Jeapordy interlude here While you wait, we’ve got a pre-GAL chat thread going strong, so jump on in and chat up with your fellow crafters! 3. Purchase your favorite gifting patterns To kick off the GAL all the designers banded together to offer 25% off 5-20 individual self-published patterns in their respective shops. Wait until “go” time and use coupon code: giftalong2016 on your eligible purchases. Like something …

single soaring


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So many divergent and diverse moments went into this design! In the big mixing bowl of the little grey cells, God tossed in many moments of watching eagles soar on the thermal lifts rising off the cliff behind our house; my mom’s favorite colors and her birthday wish; a question posed to my mom on their 42nd anniversary – “what bird do see yourselves as”; a Bible verse; an educational chat on air science with a friend; and about a dozen other little things. Did you know that eagles mate for life? Well, on my parents’ anniversary, my mom declared that she and my dad were eagles. It’s a good thing she didn’t specify that it is bald eagles that …

Puddles looking forward

Puddles 3rd quarter quarterly report

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It’s third-quarter check-in time, brought to you by the GDCSJ, Puddles. July to September was a busy quarter here… albeit a rather lopsided one. The quarter began with the release of Coastal Reflection, shown in ecostitch ‘s hand dyed sport weight linen yarn and Oceanic – in MKAL form. Then there was a long Jeopardy interlude. 2 months later, patterns came out with a bang – 4 patterns in 4 weeks: Deep Waters (beret), the upcycled leftovers from Oceanic’s mkal, shown in the unique sheep’s green sheep organic cotton and bamboo fingering weight yarn; Apple Tart, shown in Pakucho worsted weight; the Oceanic mystery revealed; and Eastern Continental Divide, shown in Cestari Sheep’s Old Dominion Collection! Phew, I’m still shocked …

Cestari Sheep & Wool Co. Francis

An Inside Look at Cestari

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Francis Chester, the patriarch of Cestari Sheep & Wool Co, graciously granted me an interview this week. A fellow indie designer told me about Cestari and when I saw it at Black Mountain Yarn shop, I had to give it a try. Immediately a fan, I wanted to know more about this yarn company, which has such a unique vision and family focus. So without further ado, please say “hi” to Francis! Cestari – what’s the story behind your unique name? Cestari is my Ancestral Italian name from my father’s family who were shepherds for centuries. Your website shows you to be a leader and initiator in many aspects of wool production: from your decades old family-run operation, to your …

The Voyages of Vivian

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Do you remember Talitha Kuomi from the Indie Design Gift-a-long? She’s just published her first independent knitting book, “The Voyages of Vivian,” and gave me a sneak peek! Traveling the world with Vivian through the pages of the book, I was enthralled with the pictures, knitting designs, and story. So I asked if she’d grace us with an interview during her virtual release tour. And she said “yes”… so please join me in welcoming, Tal! As a seasoned designer with over 150 publications, what inspired you to branch out into book publishing? I love to tell a story, and so to be allowed to put together a collection of patterns that help to farther a story is right up my …

Mod Squad Favorites

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As we prepare to hand out the physical prizes drawing the Indie Design Gift-a-long to a close, I wanted to take a moment to highlight my favorite patterns from the Mod Squad. Without these volunteers the event would not be the fun, engaging, face-paced, adrenaline pumping, crafting event to end all gifting events that it is. In considering how best to thank them for all the hours they put in over the six weeks, I thought what better way than a mod squad pattern round-up. So get your queue buttons ready, you won’t want to miss these gems!!! Not to mention it gives you plenty to craft while you wait for GAL2016. From our fearless leaders – the admins. (Okay …

Squib Hill Hat Pattern Review Indie Design Gift-a-long

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So great I knit it thrice! The giftee’s prompt, find a hat that completely covers my ear lobes. So I searched and searched and searched. I sent out inquiries on carrier pigeons, looking high and low for a hat that completely covered his earlobes. I was DESPESARTE to find a hat that suited this prompt or be in for another year of humiliation as he wore his fake bear Russian style hat with hidden ear muffs that came down when needed. Thanks to the FO thread in the gift-a-long I happened upon a project where the giftee’s earlobes seemed to be completely covered & I inquired of the knitter about the point exactly. I showed dad (aka giftee) the results …