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Eco Elements Awakening

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One of the unsung beauties in the process of designing is the morphing a particular concept goes through from the initial glimmer of an idea to a published pattern. The story behind Awakening took such an unusual path. In what other world but design would you find a FO that combines a rotting out tree hanging off a cliff, a fascination with drop stitches, dogged determination, and fresh coloured yarn that makes you want to wake up and pick up the needles before breakfast? Rotting out tree –Yes, rotting out tree. You all know how Puddles and I love to scour the woodlands in cold weather. One of our favorite haunts is this rock outcropping above an itinerant stream. There …

Landfall shawl with pin and Puddles

Near and Far

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Thank you so much for joining Puddles and I in the Landfall challenge! The official count is in and you all raised 5 patterns for Birdie ?. To conclude our focus on the eco principle of charity, I searched around my indie friends to see what they were up to. Here are my top three favorites – near and far! Jessica Anderson and the Batcave Charity Project (in her own words) Ready to join the Batcave Challenge? Check out Jessica’s pattern here: Christine Guest and Sparrow BagChristine Guest designed the soon-to-be-released Sparrow bag 4 years ago for an ebook to raise money for pediatric oncology research. The editor’s daughter underwent chemo and it damaged her heart. Due to her …

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Eco Elements Landfall

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As promised when we entered 2018 each release will be accompanied with an overview of the “Eco Elements” behind the design and materials! Despite it being late March and a ruckus year so far, I’m thrilled to finally be kicking it off with today’s design release, Landfall ?. Eco InspirationNatural Disaster: watching Hurricane Harvey and Irma on the TV and Instagram, God began to swirl around a design in my little grey cells. On the deck, “Use the Good China” and “Koi” were being washed by the Irma fringe storm while news articles abounded about ways to help. The immediacy of it all was apparent, but it did make me wonder about the future – would this storm be remembered? …

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Swirling winds… raging waves… flooding waters… destruction: from the land torn images of Hurricane Harvey and Hurricane Irma comes Landfall. Discover the beauty that triumphs in the midst of chaos in your Landfall shawl. Stockinette, garter, and a few short rows depict calm waves, which bring a soothing serenity after life’s storms. The release challenge follow up blog is posted here. The tech edited and test knit pattern is fully written. $10.00 Blocked Measurements:Depth 17”/ 43cm by wingspan 49”/ 124.5cm. Materials:2 skeins worsted weight eco yarn      Shown in Birdies Knits Cotton Worsted – speckled hand dyed worsted weight yarn, color “Use The Good China”      Single skein info: hand dyed 100% organic cotton; 190yds/ 174m per 100g/ …