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Eco Elements Awakening

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One of the unsung beauties in the process of designing is the morphing a particular concept goes through from the initial glimmer of an idea to a published pattern. The story behind Awakening took such an unusual path. In what other world but design would you find a FO that combines a rotting out tree hanging off a cliff, a fascination with drop stitches, dogged determination, and fresh coloured yarn that makes you want to wake up and pick up the needles before breakfast?         tea, knitting, and sympathy flowers tea, knitting, and sympathy flowers …and stayed. Washed, blocked, and ready to shoot! This puppy was off to TE and testing while I waiting on the weatherman. …

Landfall shawl with pin and Puddles

Near and Far

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5! Thanks knitters :-). To conclude our focus on the eco principle of charity, I searched around my indie friends to see what they were up to. Here are my top three favorites – near and far! (c)Jessica Anderson (c)Christine Guest Thanks for tracking along this term as we focused on charitable knitting! What are some of your favorite yarn related charities and challenges?

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Eco Elements Landfall

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Nature: after the hurricane subsided I returned to my love of water for inspiration – it’s peace, serenity, and calm. The rhythm of the stitches was inspired by gently lapping waves on the sandy shores. Knit, purl, and short rows combine to give peace to your stitching and FO. Ethos, Pathos, Logos: more on this below in the “something new” section! Hurricane Irma Relief! The indie dyer was personally affected by Hurricane Irma and had to evacuate her home last summer, closing her yarn dyeing business until she could return. Watching the devastation on Instagram, I wanted to do something to help so I decided to create a shawl in the yarn I had from her. Several months later, recovery …

Landfall full shot


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Swirling winds… raging waves… flooding waters… destruction: from the land torn images of Hurricane Harvey and Hurricane Irma comes Landfall. Discover the beauty that triumphs in the midst of chaos in your Landfall shawl. Stockinette, garter, and a few short rows depict calm waves, which bring a soothing serenity after life’s storms. The release challenge follow up blog is posted here. The tech edited and test knit pattern is fully written. $10.00