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Eco Elements Awakening

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One of the unsung beauties in the process of designing is the morphing a particular concept goes through from the initial glimmer of an idea to a published pattern. The story behind Awakening took such an unusual path. In what other world but design would you find a FO that combines a rotting out tree hanging off a cliff, a fascination with drop stitches, dogged determination, and fresh coloured yarn that makes you want to wake up and pick up the needles before breakfast? Rotting out tree –Yes, rotting out tree. You all know how Puddles and I love to scour the woodlands in cold weather. One of our favorite haunts is this rock outcropping above an itinerant stream. There …

yarns bowl niddy noddy by Lisa

Winding the 3Rs with Renaissance Yarns

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A special treat during our look at the 3Rs in the knitting industry comes up with “Recycle.” I’m thrilled to introduce you all to Lisa Chimento, the savvy indie behind Renaissance Yarns – the woman behind the Etsy shop dedicated to bringing you luxury yarns at affordable prices through recycling thrift shop luxury finds into usable yarn. Q1. I love your “about” story on your Etsy page! (Knitters, you can check it out here: Please tell us a little bit about yourself and Renaissance Yarns.Thanks, Lindsay! I was blessed with two Italian grandmothers who played an enormous role in my life. They were both amazing cooks and gifted craftswomen. When I was about 8 years old, they taught me …

Sneak Peek

The 3 Rs

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The next topic we’ll be addressing in our “eco elements” is the three R’s – reduce, reuse, and recycle. Reduce – Head’s up, it’s time for a shop curation! To give you all a couple of weeks to snag your favorites, I won’t be curating until the end of our look at the three R’s. And a 2nd heads up – those design which aren’t curated will be updated to the new pricing structure very soon after curation. So if there is a pre-2018 design you’ve had your eye on, now the time’s to grab it… at a discount! Other ways I seek to reduce, using up my discontinued yarn stash, particularly during the Indie Design Gift-a-long. But truly it’s …

Vegan Beware

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You can’t get a cavity filled without an extra dose of fiber along the way! Black Mountain Yarn Shop is perfectly situated between me and my dentist 🙂 – 2016 For the most part, I’m an online yarn shopper. I love it when I’m able to go to an LYS, but those trips are few and far between, so I rely upon clicks of the mouse for my doses of fiber. A recent trend caused me great excitement followed by even greater dread. Several wonderful online yarn shops started offering the filter (tag / label / category) of “vegan”. I thought, wahoo, even more wonderful yarns to dive into! Upon further investigation, I realized that they were taking a very …

Hot off Carly's sewing table - the prize for the Bomb Cyclone KAL!

Bomb Cyclone, No Match for Aubrey Ann Sewing Co

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When this totally unexpected bomb cyclone struck the Eastern Seaboard on Jan. 3/4th my mind was turned to bundling up with knitting and all my friends who may be affected. One of those friends is Carly, a knitter and sewer I met on Instagram, who lives in my favorite State… Maine!! Listening to the wind howl viciously and watching the trees bend nearly to the point of snapping, an idea popped into mind that I ran with in an effort to beat the arctic blast… a Bomb Cyclone KAL. I messaged Carly with the idea and she kindly donated a prize for all of you to fight, erg, I mean knit for. So grab your WIPs, a cozy blanket, cup …

stitch demo kfyof / pfyof

Stitch in Focus kfyof

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Today’s “Stitch in Focus” is kfyof – knit into front, yarn over, front. Being a recent bulky weight yarn convert, I realized that my old faithful 2 stitch increase method, kfbf, was noticeably off kilter when knit with bulky weight yarn. This just wouldn’t do! So for the Snow Gazer patterns (and future 2018 heavier weight yarn new releases… hint, hint), I switched to kfyof (and the corresponding purl version – pfyof). Prefer to watch it directly on YouTube? Click here to watch and give it a thumbs up.

Mora Cast On

Luxury in Fiber

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Luxury yarn deserves pie, especially when knitting on Thanksgiving! Happy Thanksgiving… Puddles and I are so thankful for each one of you! A luxury fiber like none other! Are you ready to have your fingers and FOs spoiled? Then this is the yarn for you! Brass TacksMora yarn infoWeight: Fingering Texture: Plied Yardage/Meters: 225 yards (205 m) Skein weight: 50grs Gauge: 28-30 sts = 4 inches Recommended needle size: US 1-2 or 2.25-2.75 mm Recommended hook size: US B-1 to D3 or 2,25-3,25 mm Content: Pure Mulberry Silk Cares: Hand wash, cold water. Dry flat.From the Malabrigo website. My Gauge Results Mora worked well on a variety of needle sizes! For the particular pattern I designed for the Malabrigo Quickies …


Instagram Live

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Marcela, from Chilean Spice and Indie Nice, invited me to do an Instagram Live with her! I jumped at the opportunity… and then fessed up, so far my IG Story is blank because I’m seriously smart phone challenged and can’t figure it out!! Hehe, remember that clip from Ocean’s 13, about the soft opening / out of town preview that’s in town? So I wouldn’t feel like an absolute newbie, Marcela, the sweet gal that she is, walked me through Instagram live with a live, which we called a “sound check” yesterday… in preparation of Saturday’s live! So Saturday is the actual live event, but if you want to check out humorous outtake… aka the backstage sound check, it’s posted …

Artist studio video how to screen shot

Artist Studio Bind Off Video

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While your Artist Studio FO has no right angles, the knitting does! The unique aspect of Artist Studio is the continuous bind off method used. Utilizing short rows, the cable edge is turned 90 degrees, and then the shawl “body” stitches are bound off via decreases. Scary, right? Not at all! These are all common techniques used in a fun yet unexpected way. This visual demonstration is to accompany the full written and charted directions in the pattern. I used contrasting colours so the “6 stitch edge stitches” are clearly distinct from the shawl “body” stitches. Or if you prefer to watch directly on You Tube, click here. Puddles and I are here to root you on as you bind …

hoedown prize

Into the Dyebath with Ewe2Yarn

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Trudy’s Instagram account captivated me from first glance. After many moons of enjoying her hand dyed yarn eye candy, I wanted to know more and discovered she’s eco! Trudy graciously granted an interview… as well as a Hoedown Showdown prize! Join me in saying “Howdy Partner” to Trudy :-). Q1. Swoon – that’s the feeling that strikes when I see your yarns on Instagram. How did you get started?I think the answer to this is pretty typical. I could not find the perfect colors for my own knitting so I began creating them for myself. I would see a pattern I liked but wanted my own spin (haha) on it. Q2. I love your eco principles! “eco-friendly, human-friendly, and animal-friendly, …