stitch demo kfyof / pfyof

Stitch in Focus kfyof

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Today’s “Stitch in Focus” is kfyof – knit into front, yarn over, front. Being a recent bulky weight yarn convert, I realized that my old faithful 2 stitch increase method, kfbf, was noticeably off kilter when knit with bulky weight yarn. This just wouldn’t do! So for the Snow Gazer patterns (and future 2018 heavier weight yarn new releases… hint, hint), I switched to kfyof (and the corresponding purl version – pfyof). Prefer to watch it directly on YouTube? Click here to watch and give it a thumbs up.

Knit Eco Chic patterns now available on loveknitting


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Knit Eco Chic patterns are now on!, is a subsidiary of LoveCrafts, “a global community for makers everywhere.” Operating much like an LYS, you can purchase patterns, yarn, and notions from their site and have them delivered to you worldwide. Additionally, like your favorite LYS, you can find advice and interact with other crafters by uploading your own completed projects! I’ve went ahead and linked the patterns to recommended yarn when available so you can bundle your yarn and pattern purchases together. Additionally, I joined their blog team (“the Flock”) so keep an eye out next year for our blogs. Puddles and I look forward to seeing you over on loveknitting. Remember to tag me so we see …

grafting made easy

Grafting Made Easy

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Once your done snip out, if you’re really fearless, or pull out the contrasting colour! More of a visual person? Check out my how-to here on You Tube! The pattern used to demonstrate the technique in the video is Seine Cuffs – Paris is calling! I designed these cuffs to conquer grafting fears before moving onto the Seine Cowl. Knit in just an hour, Seine Cuffs make the perfect gift-able knit, for old and young alike. Wear individually on one wrist or multiples in a row, mix and match drop cuffs with non-drop cuffs for a custom look all your own. Left to Right Top: Eastern Continental Divide (long), Pitch Cowl, Eastern Continental Divide, Thermal Lift, Brightwater (long)Middle Center: Seine …

Artist studio video how to screen shot

Artist Studio Bind Off Video

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While your Artist Studio FO has no right angles, the knitting does! The unique aspect of Artist Studio is the continuous bind off method used. Utilizing short rows, the cable edge is turned 90 degrees, and then the shawl “body” stitches are bound off via decreases. Scary, right? Not at all! These are all common techniques used in a fun yet unexpected way. This visual demonstration is to accompany the full written and charted directions in the pattern. I used contrasting colours so the “6 stitch edge stitches” are clearly distinct from the shawl “body” stitches. Or if you prefer to watch directly on You Tube, click here. Puddles and I are here to root you on as you bind …

Puddles pointing to optional strap on Ladies Night Out

Optional Strap How To

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Love Ladies Night Out, but need a little extra support? Puddles and I have you covered with just a few extra picots created with your scrap yarn! Check out the “optional” directions in the Finishing section of your pattern. Or if you are a more visual person, watch the “Optional Straps How-To” video below. Video Want to watch it directly on You Tube? Copy & paste this link into your browser:

Shoulder Short Rows How To

Sleeve Cap Short Rows How To

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I love it when you guys ask questions about techniques! How-to “blank” knitting tips are my favorite things to talk about because there are so many wonderful techniques in the knitting world and lots of different ways of achieving the same end. But sometimes a specific technique is required in order to stay true to the principles of a particular design. Such a case occurred when Ladies Night Out was in testing. One of the lovely test knitters said she was new to top down sleeves with sleeve cap short rows when combined with on the bias knitting. She found this tutorial so helpful, I decided to include it in the pattern. Happy knitting! Video Or copy and paste this …

Christmas Craft Market Close Up Wild Woolly

Rub a Dub Dub What’s in That Scrub

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Welcome secret knitting agents! In addition to food, personal hygiene supplies were another critical item included in the air drops during the Berlin Airlift. To that end, I discovered a Ravelry hand-maker who “supplies” modern day woman (& men) with eco-body products. So please join me in welcoming, Joanne from Wild Woolly! This is the first of 3 blog interviews for the CIA Cowl MKAL. Winter Snowshoeing – Joanne and her hubby love nature (c)Joanne from Used with permission. Winter Snowshoeing – Joanne and her hubby love nature (c)Joanne from Used with permission. “Hi” Joanne! Christmas Craft Market – Joanne is in the blue (c)Joanne from Used with permission. Christmas Craft Market – Joanne is in the …

Shabby Chic close up

Shabby Chic

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Knit your fondest vacation memories with your favorite travel yarn into a funky Shabby Chic summer cowl. The feminine and eclectic stitch combination creates a wow FO from just a handful of common techniques. Celebrate the beauty of your stitches as you weave the end knot through the slits for a style uniquely you while your mind wanders back through sweet dreams of times past. The tech edited and test knit easy level pattern is fully written and fully charted with a how-to bind off and cast on tutorial available on the Knit Eco Chic blog. $6.75