Meanwhile in Maine trim collage

Fixing the Trim

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If you remember Sleeve Island and Interior Finishes, I had the wrong ratio on my pick up for the cocoon collar.  Christine Guest recommended I use the trim as a ruler.  How’d that work out? PERFECTLY!!!  Not only did it work out perfectly, but it also made for a much easier to write pick up ratio 😉.  Thanks, Christine! Now to the knitty gritty 😉.  The first trial used the already knit hem to see how much I was short by bunching up the excess. The second trial unraveled more from the body to see just how much I should be using. Both tests gave the same result of how much I was short. A lot of frogging and reknitting …

Calla Lily shawl by Carol Herman Knit Equals Joy. Photo by Wild Knits Salem.

Technicolor Movie Night Release 2 Calla Lily Wrap

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The second design by Knit Equals Joy (Carol Herman) is Calla Lily Wrap.  This beautiful shawl is simply elegant with an elegant accent edge in one of our stitch patterns and simple garter for the body. What I love most is the shape – a perfect curve along a structured triangle! Buy your copy today here on Payhip – Or Ravelry – Technicolor: Movie Night includes 2 patterns from each of the following 4 designers – Carol Herman of Knit Equals Joy, Christine Guest of Christine Guest Designs, Sue McCain, and yours truly. Each week (starting the 17th due to a Ravelry hiccup), the price of the pattern will increase.  However, regardless of when you purchase, you’ll receive …

Hollywood and Vine by Carol Herman Knit Equals Joy. Photo by Elizabeth Zimmerman of Western Rose Studios.

Technicolor Movie Night Premier

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The house lights dim, the flicker on the screen begins, grab your knitting needles for some fantastic feature knits!  The wait is over, the sequel to Technicolor: Matinee is now available… introducing Technicolor: Movie Night! This 4-designer collection spins the plotline of what happens when you give a handful of designers the exact same stitches with the theme of movies.  How does each one interpret the prompt?  How does something so simple of a stitch pattern (or two) take on so many different storylines? Debuting first is Carol Herman of Knit Equals Joy Hollywood and Vine.  This “snuggle up with popcorn and your sweetie sized shawl” featuring exquisite lace and beautiful cables. Check out a closeup for my favorite feature …

Malabrigo Yarn Mora and Verano on the deck

Behind the Design with Malabrigo Yarn

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I’ve so enjoyed being part of Malabrigo’s Quickies programs these last few years. Tweedy Toppers fits into the Joy of Knitting theme because of how much fun designing (& knitting) these Quickies are! The call, the submission, checking the email for the “ya” or “nay” and then celebrating with cameramom and cameradad when the “ya” news comes in. Keeping the secret until the release is definitely a challenge! As I work on the project I frequently announce to the family room, I’m “Miss September” this year ;-). Learn more about this 2-skein design, development, and the subtle influences on Malabrigo’s interview with yours truly about Tweedy Toppers on the Malabrigo blog here: September Quickies:</a> Tweedy Toppers — Malabrigo Blog (

Meanwhile in Maine porch and Submerge

Downsizing Samples for Maine

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If you ever wanted a handknit from Knit Eco Chic, this is for you! Non-local recipients are responsible for covering shipping costs. My closet in Maine won’t hold all my samples, so I’m having a sample destash / giveaway. If you have any questions about a particular design, please email me. If anything catches your eye, please email me – knit eco chic at gmail (no spaces and add the .com)! These are on a first come basis. ~ Floral Chic, Plunge (crop), Sheer Illusion Tank & Lagoon Shallows claimed. Photos of available items remain. Meanwhile in Maine Today camera mom and camera dad celebrate their 49th anniversary! Camera dad is up in Maine overseeing the build, so it’s a …

collage of knitting and sketch

Pattern Placement and Siding

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I think it’s wonderful how God uses one thing to teach us how to do something completely different.  I was hoping to have more knitting completed on the sweater, but summer heat without A/C put it away until a cooler day.  So instead, I wanted to zoom in and talk about pattern placement… and in an unusual turn of events, how that helped the Meanwhile in Maine build project! There are 3 distinct pattern details on the Meanwhile in Maine design – I’ve talked about darts and shoulder detail in posts past, but what about the bottom of the center back detail.  This panel was worked in reverse as I wanted all sizes to end on a certain row so …

Meanwhile in Maine graphic with knitting and countertop

Sleeve Island and Interior Finishes

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My favorite of all sleeves is the short row top-down sleeve, so once again, it’s shown up here.  I promise I have knit others, but when one fits so beautifully and the construction makes you smile, why switch?  Not wanting a “boring” sleeve, this one has 3 feature elements.  To compliment the front shoulder detail, I added it to the sleeve cap as well.  The detail along the top of the arm also matches the detail on the body.  However, the detail under the arm is slightly different to prevent bulkiness and stiffness where it isn’t needed.  Can you spot the difference? I knit the collar on before the sleeves because I didn’t know how much yarn it would take.  …

Color Cascade asymmetrical brioche shawl right side showing

Color Cascade

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Easy brioche streams fluidly over your stitches as the two colors cascade into a cheerful asymmetrical shawl in Color Cascade.  Use highly contrasting colors for an epic surge as bold as Niagara Falls or low contrasting colors for a calm pastoral environment found at bottom of gentle falls.  Choose your flow – use the simple brioche pattern throughout or end with the optional decorative edge. The easy (not beginner) tech edited and test knit pattern is fully written and charted.  Check out the Knit Eco Chic blog for how-to videos for the setup and 3 stitch tutorials. $12.00 Please note: price on knitCompanion is set by knitCompanion Finished Measurements:76”/ 193cm wingspan by 18”/ 45.5cm deep Materials:4 skeins eco DK weight …

Starting Color Cascade a close up of the cast on

Starting Color Cascade

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The Joy of Knitting wouldn’t be complete without some brioche!  After some deep dives into the process (cough Autumn Come and Terran), I was ready for a vacation level pattern.  Introducing Color Cascade – an easy brioche asymmetrical shawl perfect for summer knitting.  One of my favorite features is that the edging is worked contiguously!  It has to have a little something, something, right 😉.  But this edging holds a secret, it saves you from having to pin down your unused color!!!  To help you “read” your stitches and get comfortable with the technique, I’ve filmed the first few lines of the set up. Check out the IG reels here: – getting started CO – Set Up Row 2 …