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We had so much fun with the CIA cowl MKAL! Now one last move to complete the cycle, declassifying the top-secret design. Knit in two easy parts “Operation Base Cowl” created the lace cowl design. Upon which secret knitting agents would encode their messages. Of the 6 provided in the pattern, “Shadow the Rabbit” was the most popular! I chuckled behind the scenes as that was the code I selected for the pattern photo shoot way back in April too! I loved seeing how a simple design allowed for such vast variations when each secret knitting agent brought her own vision and creativity to the coding process! Thanks again for taking part and bringing your uniqueness to the MKAL challenge.

CIA Cowl Shadow the Rabbit

FO Codebook

Lindsay LewchukAnnouncements, CIA Cowl MKAL, Pattern Related 2 Comments

For me, my favorite part about any (M)KAL coming to an end is the FO thread. In our current MKAL for the CIA Cowl, what I loved in particular was how unique and personal each FO is! All these different cowls came from the same pattern, but with yarn choice and code selection, each conceals itself in different environments perfectly keeping these secret knitting agents undercover! The secret knitting agents agreed to let me share their work with you… enjoy! Shadow the Rabbit Weave and Bob Custom Code Shadow the Rabbit Weave and Bob Custom Code Shadow the Rabbit Share your congratulations with those who created this fabulous codebook by popping your comments into the CIA Cowl FO thread here.

Katrinkle owl buttons

Whimsy and Lasers the Eco Button Creator

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“Don’t play with lasers or sharp tools.” Sound advice for the masses, but exactly what this designer does resulting in the most adorable, whimsical buttons, gauge tools, removable stitch markers, knitter earrings, and other knit and crochet accessories! Please join me in welcoming Katy from Katrinkles in this 3rd of 3 CIA Cowl MKAL interviews. Your website is packed with goodies! How did you get started with laser cutting? I don’t think I consciously decided to launch a business, it just kind of happened. After taking a laser cutting workshop, I began making buttons to adorn my own knits. I started selling them because people asked me to and Katrinkles was born as a hobby business. I worked on in …

stitch markers on WIP

Picture Stitch Markers

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In this digital age, it’s sometimes funny how you met people and become friends. I first noticed Leslie as the girl with the eye behind my fellow indie, Talitha Kuomi’s, pattern photography. We struck up a conversation and low and behold I discovered photography wasn’t her only knitting peripheral. She also just opened an Etsy shop. Please join me in saying “hi” to Leslie as we learn about her new crafty start-up in this 2nd of 3 CIA Cowl MKAL blog interviews! Q1. Amazing photographer & talented knitter, how did you happen into the world of stitch markers? I happened into the “World of Stitch Markers” by having so many different beads and charms leftover from jewelry making in the …

Christmas Craft Market Close Up Wild Woolly

Rub a Dub Dub What’s in That Scrub

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Welcome secret knitting agents! In addition to food, personal hygiene supplies were another critical item included in the air drops during the Berlin Airlift. To that end, I discovered a Ravelry hand-maker who “supplies” modern day woman (& men) with eco-body products. So please join me in welcoming, Joanne from Wild Woolly! This is the first of 3 blog interviews for the CIA Cowl MKAL. “Hi” Joanne! Q1. What inspired you to create Wild Woolly? I’m passionate about crafting and am always interested in learning new things. Once my kids left home, I found myself taking up all sorts of hobbies to occupy my time outside of work hours.I also have sensitive, problematic skin, so I’m selective about the bath …

Secret Knitting Agent graphic

Back in Time June 1948

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The exciting thing about researching themes is all the cool information I come across, so I dedicate today’s blog to tidbits from June 1948. In 1946 the Iron Curtain bisected war devastated Berlin, separating the communist East from the democratic West. Shortly after the end of WWII, the relationship between World War II allies, USA & USSR, quickly disintegrated from frenemies to enemies resulting in the Cold War between the two powers. Just a few months after its 1947 beginning, we find ourselves in the conflict during which this MKAL is placed, The Berlin Airlift. Asserting their communist power, the Soviets blockaded rail, road, and water access to West Berlin – the Allied-controlled areas. The Soviets closed the Autobahn to …

CIA Cowl MKAL logo

Icord Cast On and Icord Bind Off Video

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Welcome CIA Cowl MKAL Secret Knitting Agents! To kick off the MKAL, Special Agent Puddles suggested a video demonstration of the Icord Cast On and Icord Bind Off used in “Operation Base Cowl.” Spoiler alert: you will see a glimpse of Operation Base Cowl!Want to see just the Icord Bind Off? Jump to 4:20.Want to see just Special Agent Puddles? Jump to 7:11. Watch Video on You Tube

CIA Lacing Graphic

String Theory

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With a degree in philosophy, you knew it wouldn’t be long before I had a “String Theory” blog. But, I wager, this isn’t going to be quite what you expected. Originally designed and knit WAY back in January and tech edited a few months later, CIA Cowl MKAL languished as an unpublished FO for the simple lack of an appropriate hook. I hummed and hawed over different theme concepts, but lacked passionate conviction that any did the design justice. Finally, April arrived and I was still in a state of “undeclared” – had I still been a uni student that would have meant an entire semester was wasted on extracurriculars! Desperate, I applied to my friend and design mentor, the …

CIA Cowl MKAL logo

Mark Your Calendars

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It’s a mystery knit-a-long! Time: Induction June 1st, 1948Place: Knit Eco Chic group on RavelryBYO: favorite DK weight yarn (in 1 to 2 colors), US 6/ 4mm circular needles, and your mystery-loving selfProjetct Type: cowlHistorical Tidbit: Tensions in the Cold War ran high the summer of 1948 culminating in the Berlin Airlift, which began June 24, 1948. Jump back in time for the theme of this MKAL and imagine you were a CIA agent on the ground of Berlin leading up to the 24th and the cowl is your way of sending out coded messages! Mark your Calendars SecretKnittingAgent and grab your pre-induction copy of the MKAL – Puddles and I look forward to knitting together with you this June!