Shawl Pin Shawl Style Guide

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With the Shawl Pin Shawl MKAL coming to an end, it’s time for the final blog in the event series, the style blog. The versatility of the design results both from the unique shape as well as the simplicity of the stitch work. Intended as an artistic canvas to highlight your favorite shawl pin accessories, there are several ways to wear this design. Here are just a few of my favorites. Scarf Meets Pin Styles Wrapped around your neck like a scarf, the “Scarf Meets Pin” style highlights the pin while the shawl keeps your neck warm! Whether a long stick pin, like Bonnie Bishoff’s Dash pin, on an equilateral or perpendicular angle or a broche style pin, like JUL …

Hunter Game Review

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Curious about the clues from the Shawl Pin Shawl MKAL hunter game?  Here’s your chance to take a stab at them and get a sneak peek preview of the Shawl Pin Shawl MKAL’s exclusive FO prize! We had 3 amazing prize donors for the Hunter Game for this MKAL: Black Mountain Yarn Shop JUL Designs Bonnie Bishoff Shawl Pins Each donor became a clue in the game as well as participated in an interview!  The rules were simple: clues (some visual and some textual) will be posted at random during the duration of the MKAL. After the clue is posted you have 48 hours to post the correct answer. All correct posts will be entered into a random draw for …

Pin Profile: JULDesigns

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From anthropologist to creator of knitting accessory hardware and more, Laura’s journey has held close the concepts of family, art, culture, and history. Learn more about the woman and as well as the company in today’s Shawl Pin Shawl MKAL interview with Laura of JULDesigns! 1. I see strong reptilian and Chinese influences in your shawl pin designs, while your sticks feature more flora and fauna inspirations. Where do you find inspiration for your knitting accessories and how do you turn those inspirations into a finished piece of art? I was trained as an anthropologist and did the fieldwork for my PhD in Indonesia, looking at ideas about cosmology, that is the relationship between humans and the universe. This is …

Community Abounds At Black Mountain Yarn Shop

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Black Mountain Yarn Shop’s focus on people makes crafting so enjoyable for all who are blessed to go there. In the second Shawl Pin Shawl MKAL feature interview, we (Puddles & I) sniff out the secrets behind the welcoming yarn shop and what makes Black Mountain Yarn Shop such a special place. 1. What inspired you to open a yarn shop in the beautiful Black Mountains of North Carolina? How long has Black Mountain Yarn Shop been open? My husband Don and I have always wanted to have our own business and after leaving corporate America and doing a lot of research, we knew Black Mountain would be a great place to have a yarn shop. We are in our …

Let the Games Begin!

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The time for the Shawl Pin Shawl MKAL Hunter Games is upon us!  Since some people are new to MKALs, I thought a quick blog on how the games work is in order. I’ll post a clue, either images, words, or both, with a set time limit in the Shawl Pin Shawl MKAL thread and eligible participants have that set time period in which to Ravelry message me their answer. For instance, you may see something like this: and your challenge is to come up with an answer that includes reference to each and every aspect. The correct answer for this sample clue is: Puddles, the Great Dane, Lindsay’s knit companion. Just “Great Dane” or just “Knit Companion” would be partial answers & …

Pin Profile Bonnie Bishoff

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Welcome Shawl Pin Shawl MKAL-ers & Knit Eco Chic readers, alike. Today’s first Shawl Pin Shawl MKAL interview is with artist and shawl pin designer Bonnie Bishoff. 1. From your background in the Fine Arts, what inspired you to apply your colorful polymers and metalwork mediums into knitting accessories? I have the blessing of having married a wonderful artistic partner Mark Syron, and have the additional gift of having his mother, Barbara Jones as a muse in the fiber world and a support of all endeavors handmade. I started knitting when I was very young- shown by my grandmother, who was an avid knitter. It didn’t stick ’til I picked up the needles again at 18 and started with a …

Shawl Pin Shawl MKAL

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Want a chance to win a shawl pin by JUL Designs? How about Bonnie Bishoff’s Bee Shawl Pin? Perhaps a prize from the Black Mountain Yarn Shop or a custom made MKAL exclusive knitter’s project bag are too tempting to pass by? Well then, come and join the Shawl Pin Shawl MKAL on Ravelry! Just a glimpse about the pattern: this easy level shawl features Drama by Claudia Hand Painted Yarns and comes in two sizes. The small – 10.5”/ 26.5cm deep by 64”/ 162.5cm wide – requires 2 skeins of yarn. The large – 12.75”/ 32.5cm deep by 74”/ 188cm wide – requires 3 skeins of yarn. The special features of the shawl are a secret, but the design …

Shawl Pin Shawl with Puddles

Shawl Pin Shawl

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With a plethora of styling options, the Shawl Pin Shawl’s versatility make it a must have for your wardrobe. An easy level knit, the unique dip in back is created with short rows in order to cover your back without adding bulk to the wings. Applicable for all seasons, select your favorite fiber for the weight you desire. Then show off your favorite shawl pin on the simplistic yet engaging design… like the JUL Designs “Twig Lace Pin” and Bonnie Bishoff’s “Dash” Shawl Pin shown above! Special Notes: