shocked Puddles

Puddles taking stock

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I shocked Puddles this morning when I informed him that it was indeed half way through 2016! We are getting closer to the colder weather and neither of us can await its arrival. Since it’s too hot outside to play, it’s a great day to review the last 6 months here at Knit Eco Chic. The year started off with a bang and the theme of “Texture”! The Knit Eco Chic group on Ravelry rocked out some fun test knits and one linen inspired knit-a-long! With the website debacle and relaunch came the release of Knit Eco Chic’s 3rd logo. I do believe this one is the keeper, despite how much I enjoy graphic design, as it embodies both my …

Bicerin family shot attempt 1

Cocoa, Coffee, and Outtakes

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What do you get when you mix organic cocoa, espresso coffee, sunrise, supportive parents, Puddles, and a new shawl design? A lot of hilarious photo shot outtakes! Enjoy this glimpse into my family life 🙂 Pour carefully, but wait, isn’t the shawl supposed to be visible? Despite the accomplishment at pouring on camera, I noticed later that the foam died before the first photo was taken; ergo, a quick indoor re-shoot of the drink/ shawl combo. Synchronized drinking… now this is an Olympic sport! Love the concept, but the execution needs work… the upper shawl is wrong side facing & both need a little tension help Puddles patiently waiting for his turn in front of the camera… with a stick, …

Puddles showing off

Winter Romping with Puddles

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17 degrees (F) and the snow is gently falling, time to curl up and knit, right? Not in our house, it’s time for winter romping with Puddles! So I bundle up in my Arctic Climes cowl and headband set and venture forth into the white world. Even though I’ve lived here for over 10 years, I still find new treasures around unchartered bends. Back up to the trail and around another corner lovely icicles awaited. After the adventure down, it was time for the steep hike up. Puddles, of course, beat me home and enjoyed one last branch while waiting for me to catch up. Since the first snow and subsequent outings in Arctic Climes I’ve lost 3 lbs :-). …