Shoulder Short Rows How To

Sleeve Cap Short Rows How To

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I love it when you guys ask questions about techniques! How-to “blank” knitting tips are my favorite things to talk about because there are so many wonderful techniques in the knitting world and lots of different ways of achieving the same end. But sometimes a specific technique is required in order to stay true to the principles of a particular design. Such a case occurred when Ladies Night Out was in testing. One of the lovely test knitters said she was new to top down sleeves with sleeve cap short rows when combined with on the bias knitting. She found this tutorial so helpful, I decided to include it in the pattern. Happy knitting! Video Or copy and paste this …

Christmas Craft Market Close Up Wild Woolly

Rub a Dub Dub What’s in That Scrub

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Welcome secret knitting agents! In addition to food, personal hygiene supplies were another critical item included in the air drops during the Berlin Airlift. To that end, I discovered a Ravelry hand-maker who “supplies” modern day woman (& men) with eco-body products. So please join me in welcoming, Joanne from Wild Woolly! This is the first of 3 blog interviews for the CIA Cowl MKAL. “Hi” Joanne! Q1. What inspired you to create Wild Woolly? I’m passionate about crafting and am always interested in learning new things. Once my kids left home, I found myself taking up all sorts of hobbies to occupy my time outside of work hours.I also have sensitive, problematic skin, so I’m selective about the bath …

Puddles with WIP

Summer Knitting Tank Top Tip 2

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Today’s second “Summer Knitting Tank Top Tip” installment takes your WIP to a flawless FO. Tip 2: 3 needle bind offs with slipped stitches. In the last tip, to save finishing time, a slipped stitch (or 2) was added around the arm openings. But what do you do when it comes to the 3 needle bind off? If you follow the technique normally you’ll get a jut out at the end of the bind off. This creates an unsightly bump at the very top of the shoulder where everywhere else along the arm opening the slipped stitch nicely tucks the edge in. Don’t worry though. The fix is simple! Bonus: I didn’t have the a spare needle, so this tutorial …

FO underarm close up

Summer Knitting Tank Top Tip

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I’m sure you’ve heard me say it, “I hate finishing!” When the knitting comes off the needles I’d love nothing better than to wash, block, and wear. Knitting tank tops is a great way to enjoy knitted garments in hot weather without the dreaded hours of finishing. A tank will have far fewer ends to weave in than a sweater. But there are some easy ways to sneak your finishing into the knitting process so that when those last few shoulder stitches are ready for the three needle bind off, your FO will be all the closer to “ready to wear”. Towards that end, I’ve got a couple of fun knitting tips to share – today is tip 1: underarm …

linen WIP with tea and cookies

Working with Linen Yarn

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Last week I published my 10th pattern featuring linen yarn and thought it was high time I write a blog on working with this unique fiber! Without a doubt, linen is the “black sheep” of the cellulose fiber bases. But like all black sheep it is the unique characteristics of the fiber that will draw you in and keep you coming back for more! It has the best stitch memory of any cellulous fiber I’ve tried. Linen is naturally antibacterial, anti-fungal, and thermoregulating like some of the other cellulous fibers like bamboo. However, unlike the others in the category, it lacks elasticity and is initial rough to the touch – thus making it the black sheep. When knitting the 2 …

Puddles ears covered a rarity

Q&A: Organic Cotton for Winter Hats

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On IG Thethoughtfulknitter asked “p.s. how do you find using cotton for cold weather hats? I lost my hat and going to knit one.” Thanks so much for your question! Since snow is once again in the forecast, I thought this an ideal topic for this week’s blog. Organic cotton (and cotton in general) is an excellent option for cold weather knits! As important as the fiber is, however, I’ve found that the needle size, pattern, and fit play a stronger role in whether or not the fiber will keep you cozy in the coldest climes. Needle Size: the smaller the needle size with the thicker the yarn, the warmer your FO will be! The thicker yarn creates a density …