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Change Is in the Air

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…And also in the pattern layout! After many months brainstorming with my mentors I believe I’ve finally solved one of the biggest issues being allergic to animal-fiber created! I’m super excited about this development as I’ve never been ethically against animal fibers if they are produced in a humane way, just limited by my own illness. I shall try to limit my use of exclamation points, but don’t let that fool you – I’m totally jazzed about this development and hope you all will be too!


In the pattern you’ll see a few new things. The “gauge” section will now look like this:

Rather than requiring both blocked stitch and row gauge to match, you may now substitute as long as blocked stitch gauge matches. Yes, swatching is important! I recommend a minimum of a 6×6 swatch that you wash and block in order to get your blocked gauge.

body edit

Throughout the pattern where typically you’d see a line that reads like “work x number of rnds” you’ll now see “work x number of rnds. If substituting yarn: work x”/ y cm.”

And that’s it – a simple, elegant solution to a complex problem. I’m so blessed to have such masterminds on my team!

To test it out, I’m posting my next few garment test knits with the new layout and would love for all of you to join me with your favorite eco animal-fibers for the test. Then tell me what you think!

Layering Sweater Test

If you’re ready to jump on board the first new layout test being offered is for this great for all seasons long sleeved layering top here. You’ll need Eco Stitch’s sport weight hand dyed linen yarn or yarn with a blocked stitch gauge of 22 sts = 4”/10cm. Happy knitting!

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  1. The stuff you wrote doesn’t make sense to me, but sounds impressive and exciting. Lovely photo of you and your latest creation.

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  2. Hi Lindsay, it does make sense to me! I can see that will work for a straight bit. I wonder how it would go for areas where you want to decrease or increase every other row or so…
    You look really nice. I’m only missing Puddles in the picture.?
    One day ill be happy to test a garment with you but again i will never finish a sweater in a month. I know my limitations 🙂

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      Thanks Els! Great point you brought up about the shaping areas. I see I need to tweak it a bit. For the body of the sweater it shouldn’t matter as the total rows for decrease/ increase would only add/ subtract 0.5″ from the total length if the row gauge was 1 row lower/ higher than stated. But I do see on the sleeves it needing it’s own formula. Thanks so much for your feedback!!! I’ll put my thinking cap back on & really appreciate you taking the time to share your thoughts :-).

  3. The reason it makes no sense to me is because I’m not a knitter and don’t speak the language. I’m just a friend cheering on Knit Eco Chic!

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