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Cocoa, Coffee, and Outtakes

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What do you get when you mix organic cocoa, espresso coffee, sunrise, supportive parents, Puddles, and a new shawl design? A lot of hilarious photo shot outtakes! Enjoy this glimpse into my family life 🙂

Pour carefully, but wait, isn’t the shawl supposed to be visible?
pouring cream is harder than it looks

Despite the accomplishment at pouring on camera, I noticed later that the foam died before the first photo was taken; ergo, a quick indoor re-shoot of the drink/ shawl combo.
pour inside

Synchronized drinking… now this is an Olympic sport!

Love the concept, but the execution needs work… the upper shawl is wrong side facing & both need a little tension help
backward shawl

Puddles patiently waiting for his turn in front of the camera… with a stick, of course!
Puddles waiting

“Head UP!” My neck was hurting with the strain. It only took 10 shots before she said, “I’m talking to Puddles!”
heads up

“Scratch my neck, human. I’m here for the loving!”
Puddles being Puddles

Lewchuk family photo attempt… Meet the Munsters! Puddles face the camera, please. In the end, the final family photo is one I will treasure always!
family photo attempts

Love will keep you together! And it is my daughterly duty to say “hold it” as long as I possibly can to help kindle it.

Many thanks to my mom and dad for indulging my artistic vision once again!

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  1. awwww what lovely photos – your family is filled with love and humor – it shows! I love your Mom waiting 10 repeats to tell you she was talking to Puddles 🙂

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  2. Omg, I love these photos! They are so fun and some are down right hilarious! How in the world did you convince your mom to let you post these? These are definitely photos to be treasured. And by the way, your knitting is amazing once again! Great design.

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      Hehe, I planted the seed about a month before the photo shoot and slowly watered the idea over time. Plus I made an extra batch of gummies :-).

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