WIP pic collage with nephews

Cultivating Cultivation

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Preamble: in a slightly atypical post style, today’s blog contains both the backstory to Cultivation as well as some tricks and tips for crafting your own!

WIP pic collage with nephews

Design Story

While working my own sample, I was blessed with the presence of the beloved nephew invasion. Yes, take me at my word, these rambunctious Texans are truly an invading force of love and activity!! They are as different as two boys can be, drawn together in the name of family. Sitting and watching our movie at night, I stitched away and prayed for wisdom in our lessons… and energy. This verse, Proverbs 22:6, struck a cord and I thought about cultivation in another manner: the cultivation of young minds and of future generations.

proverbs 22:6
SO proud of this guy! First time we went a few years ago he said never do I ever want to do that ever again in all my days and this visit he asked to go! He wanted to conquer his fear and he did it!!
Vera with 4 grandchildren Christmas

Sadly, my Baba (paternal grandmother) passed away during the nephew invasion. As I thought back on the lessons she cultivated in me, the story of cultivation grew even stronger.

Who knew, but God, that when I submitted this design proposal a year ago, this would be the story that resonated with each stitch!

Crafting Your Cultivation
Cultivation comes with a few how-to videos!
First up, a look at how to craft this design completely seamlessly beginning with an I-cord cast on. I love “no-finishing-required” designs and truly, this was the most design intensive bit of the overall project! But after months of mental wrangling, I figured out how to start and the rest fell right into place. If you’re a visual learner or want to see the marker placement before you dive in, this video is designed especially for you.

Referenced in the how-to above is a video of the three methods of how to pick up from an I-cord. Initially recorded for June Blooms, when I saw the double leg pick up and the cool effect it had, it was like watering a design bud, which needed to grow! See the original picking up from an I-cord how-to video here.

What’s a new release without a Stitch in Focus? Cultivation uses a central double decrease to anchor the lovely lace detail. Watch the Stitch in Focus: Central Double Decrease here.

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