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Customizing Depth Perception

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Part of the fun design challenge with Malabrigo Quickies is to create a knitting design using just 2 skeins or less!  Depth Perception answered that challenge with a one sized capelet.  But what if you had more than 2 skeins?  Is it customizable? 

Kate, on FB, asked, “Would it be easy to resize and make it a bit bigger?”  Thanks so much for asking!  Yes, it is, and here’s the long answer of how 😉.

A Bit Bigger ~ Squeezing the 2 Skeins

I always design with less whenever possible to allow for tensioning differences.  In the case of Depth Perception, I had about 20 grams of MC and 25 grams of CC leftover.  Not enough to add a repeat to the bottom of the capelet, but enough to get it “a bit bigger” by adding an afterthought I-cord edging to either side. 

(I do love photoshop!)

The applied I-cord adds about 0.5”/ 1.25cm to either side bringing the arcs to a total length of 22”/ 56cm at the top and 53”/ 134.5cm at the bottom.

From the schematic POV

Medium Difficulty Extra Length
Add 8 sts.  During the I-cord cast on work the length an extra 8 rnds.  When picking up from the I-cord that will give you 8 extra stitches to the body of the capelet.  Add 4 to the start and 4 to the end of each row. 

What makes it harder?  The written directions and chart will no longer match your stitch count.  You’ll have to manually add a “note to self” that these 8 sts (4 at the start and 4 at the end) will be worked in Garter.

Add sts to either edge
Increase CO by 8 sts total, 4 each side

The 8 extra cast on stitches will yield almost 2 full inches extra in the circumference (assuming you make the 17 st / 4” gauge).  The new capelet dimensions would be 23”/ 58.5cm along the top edge and 54”/ 137cm along the bottom with the same 10”/ 25.5cm depth.

Got 4 skeins?

Oh, the possibilities!  Here are some ways to increase the size with extra yarn supplies.

Combine both the extra cast on stitches and the afterthought I-cord edge.

add sts to either edge and Icord
You may squeak through with an alternating I-cord, but I’d recommend this being in the 4 skein section to be on the safe side. You will have a lot left over though!
I-cord Alternating Cast On WS
This is what an alternating color I-cord would look like.

If the additional stitches and I-cord lead to playing Yarn Chicken and you don’t want to break into those second skeins, don’t worry, I’ve got a solution for that, too.  If you find you don’t have enough for the MC only I-cord Bind Off, use an alternating color I-cord Bind Off to make your yarn stretch the distance.

Extra Depth
To include extra depth, repeat Rows 25 MC – 34 CC once.  This will increase the depth of Depth Perception by 5.33”/ 13.5cm bringing the total depth to 15.33”/ 39cm. 

Add in a repeat, skipping the increases in 25 MC

The difficulty here is up to you!  You can skip the increases in 25 MC which, except for the “increase” sts on 25 MC, keeps the written and the chart matching up to the stitches on your needle.  OR work the increases in 25 MC.  The former keeps the bottom arc the same length.  The latter will add about 3.3”/ 8.5cm to the bottom arc length only.

add in a repeat with additional sts
Including the increases in 25 MC makes the bottom arc longer

What makes working the increases in 25 MC harder?  When working the repeat, you’ll have to give yourself a note that there will additional stitches worked between the cables in Garter (from the Row 25 MC increase) that don’t show up on the chart/ written directions.  If you are a chart user, see the pink line and think “plus 1 st”.  For written users, similarly, see the “sm” and think “plus 1 st”.  Writing it in manually will bring the difficulty level down 😉.

Medium Difficulty Extra Depth and Extra Length
Combine the “Extra Depth” above with the two extensions from “A Bit Bigger” resulting in a capelet size of 24”/ 61cm along the top and 55”/ 140cm along the bottom and a depth of 15.33”/ 39cm.

(with increases in repeat shown)

Note: remember you’ll have to give yourself a mental note that there will be additional stitch both along the edge from the additional cast on as well as between the cables worked in Garter (from the Row 25 MC increase) that don’t show up on the chart/ written directions. 

Increase the cast on I-cord by 14 (or a multiple of 14).  Distribute 2 stitches to each marker section.  These increases will add extra Garter stitches between the MC and CC cables from the top all the way to the bottom.  For each multiple of 14 added, you’ll be adding 3.3”/ 8.5cm to the length of the arc of the capelet. 

Increase CO by a multiple of 14 sts.

What makes this the hardest?  

Working the additional stitches into the Set Up CC row. 

Then, like the other stitch adjustments, the chart / written directions won’t align with your stitches.  You’ll have to add a note to self about the additional stitches and their placements in order to keep the cables appropriately placed.

Want more?
Couple the 14-stitch adjustment with the extra depth suggested in “Extra Depth.”  Add in the edge I-cord and / or 4 extra edge stitch on each end for even more length on your arc. 

all the extras
Include all the ways to increase!

How do you plan on customizing your Depth Perception?  I can’t wait to see!

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  1. So many wonderful options! I’ve got some red variegated and now I’m considering hunting down some black yarn and making a larger version of this! (It would be super cute around Valentine’s day too!)

    1. Post

      Thank you. Red variegated and black for Valentine’s day sounds like a winning combo! When I broke the “no wearing until photo shoot” rule, Valentine’s day was one of the occasions. The larger size will be much more weather appropriate too ;-).

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