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We had so much fun with the CIA cowl MKAL! Now one last move to complete the cycle, declassifying the top-secret design.

Knit in two easy parts “Operation Base Cowl” created the lace cowl design.

CIA Cowl Shadow the Rabbit

Upon which secret knitting agents would encode their messages. Of the 6 provided in the pattern, “Shadow the Rabbit” was the most popular!

I chuckled behind the scenes as that was the code I selected for the pattern photo shoot way back in April too!

I loved seeing how a simple design allowed for such vast variations when each secret knitting agent brought her own vision and creativity to the coding process! Thanks again for taking part and bringing your uniqueness to the MKAL challenge.

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  1. It was fun to see all the different code choices. And one could in the future change the code whenever one wanted to have something different.

    1. Post

      Great suggestion, LisaDP! If you went for something more lacy in the summer you could easily switch it up for something warmer in the winter :-).

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