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Discovering Hidden Gems in Your Stash

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Several years ago, I swatch tested an entire skein of new to me yarn (now discontinued) and as part of the test did a medley of stitches.  My mom fell in love with the “pattern” and wanted it!  I told her I couldn’t publish a swatch, it needed to be something! 

As I knit up the yarn into it’s final design, Je Ne Sais Quoi, I wondered whether the swatch would make the cut or be unraveled into the shawl design.  It was part of the leftovers so got tucked into the yarn drawer of my desk.  (And was forgotten about, shhhh… it really isn’t *THAT* messy in there.)

Another new to me yarn, happened to jump into my yarn purchase after a trip to the dentist.  Dutifully I swatched the entire skein and wrote the yarn review.  I had an idea of the design it wanted to become, but it required another color.  So, it too was lovingly placed into the yarn drawer of my desk.  (And was forgotten about, shhhhh.)

Over the years these two were taken out, thought about, and returned. 

Multiple times.

And then move to Maine stash down event began.  Another year passed and I found myself with the worst of situations for a knitter… naked needles! 

Diving through that aforementioned yarn drawer, I happened upon both swatches at the same time and the lightbulb went off.  Take the stitch pattern cameramom LOVED and use the yarn that was awaiting another color. 

Optimistic Elevations photos modeled
Optimistic Elevations

(Aside: that idea became the seed of Optimistic Elevations… some differences, but too similar to continue with the original.)

Naked needles no longer!  For exactly 36 hours.  I wasn’t sure if I should be happy or sad about that!

So, I’m thrilled to introduce you to my “fastest” designed piece ever next week and invite you to join in the discovery of the joy of working from stash!  Happy knitting!

(Post Script: camera mom has claimed it… surprise, surprise)

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