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Downsizing Samples for Maine

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If you ever wanted a handknit from Knit Eco Chic, this is for you! Non-local recipients are responsible for covering shipping costs.

My closet in Maine won’t hold all my samples, so I’m having a sample destash / giveaway. If you have any questions about a particular design, please email me.

If anything catches your eye, please email me – knit eco chic at gmail (no spaces and add the .com)! These are on a first come basis.

~ Floral Chic, Plunge (crop), Sheer Illusion Tank & Lagoon Shallows claimed. Photos of available items remain.

Meanwhile in Maine

Today camera mom and camera dad celebrate their 49th anniversary! Camera dad is up in Maine overseeing the build, so it’s a 2nd year with a distant celebration. To bring joy to camera mom’s day, we went for a sunrise photoshoot for next year’s knitting book… up before sunrise, just like on her wedding day so many years ago! I loved hearing them both tell stories about what they remembered about today. It was especially sweet when they highlighted the same things!

The bathroom tiling is complete, the concrete floor is stained, and the trim is going up on the inside. Outside, the porch roofs are going on. Off site, the cabinetry is being built. Together again is getting closer!!!

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