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Eco Elements Boscage

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Last week’s yarn review & release put the cart a bit before the horse – revealing one of the key designs for the next mini-series without introducing it first. To remedy that, our next eco element is learning!

From continuing education to exploration and innovation, finding the most efficient and effective uses of natural resources is a great way to stay eco!! Not to mention, learning keeps you young… and apparently it also helps stave off Alzheimers ?. As we enter into this stage of learning, I have lots of yarn reviews lined up with fun pattern releases and a forayer into the grading class I took. First up, though, let’s look back at the eco elements involved in last week’s Boscage release.

Eco Elements boscage graphic

Eco Inspiration
One of you knitters, you know who you are, commented last year with absolute joy and fascination over the fern that abounded in the mountains here… and were frequently caught in Puddles pictures. When I saw the yarn name of Shibui Knits organic cotton line, Fern, it was a done deal. This design became an ode to the forest bed of lush green fern!

fern around the mountains with Puddles collage
from our daily hikes… fern abounds here!

With the diamond center pattern, it may appear that I left the fern in the yarn, but take a closer look. On the edge of the cowl a little two row repeat reminisces the edge of each delicate fern leaf.

Boscage edge fern edge close up
Do you see it?

I’m totally addicted to this edge as well – finally a vertical running edge to compliment my picot fascination! The similarities to the edge running along the fern leaves was the icing on this design cake.

Eco Elements Materials

Boscage with Puddles
Organic cotton Fern yarn returned to it’s original habitat (well almost) with Puddles keeping watch out for real bears.

Fern from Shibui Knits is 100% organic cotton yarn. Read my review on last week’s blog here.

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      Thank you for reading, Torre :-). I’m glad the fern was a delight… Puddles agrees wholeheartedly! Apparently there is something about the shape of the leaves that makes it extra perfect sniff-fests ;-).

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