Eco Elements for Bucolic Chic

Eco Elements Bucolic Chic

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Eco Elements for Bucolic Chic

Eco Inspiration – A Family Tale (or is it Tail)
Way back in April of 2016 mom got the knitting “bug”… finally, I’d say! She picked my upcoming 50th release, Cowgirl Chic, as her pattern and this gorgeous Malabrigo and began the picot cast on!

IG post of mom knitting picots
Check out that post date!

Admittedly, her progress was slow… months to do a handful of picots. She preferred spending her free-time reading instead of knitting. Eventually though she gained footing and more and more picots were added. Then for some unknown reason, she slowed up again.

Curious Lindsay, aided by curious Puddles, cornered her to find out why. After a long discussion it turns out she doesn’t like triangular shawls! Who knew?!?

Lindsay and Puddles in Cowgirl Chic
I don’t know why she doesn’t like triangles, Puddles. Do you?
Budding Leaves Spring Shawl mom's favorite

So I told her I’d happily design her a shawl shape she would love. We looked in her closet and she picked out Budding Leaves Spring Shawl – a great shape without any triangular point to be seen.

Then the words came down like a ton of bricks, “you’ll have to frog and restart since this is knit from side to side.”

The shock, the horror, the indignation, what a wretched thought to lose ALL those lovely picots… and all that effort. Apparently, not minding frogging doesn’t run in the family, or if it does, I got it from my dad’s side!

Cowgirl chic on the deck
You see mom, Cowgirl Chic is worked outside in and Budding Leaves Spring shawl is worked side to side

Then the request? Darling, couldn’t you just design me a shawl that’s this shape that doesn’t require me to rip out the picots?

Puddles watching Bucolic Chic block
Yes, Puddles that IS a side to side shawl blocking, which didn’t require any picot frogging!

And, “But I don’t want to rip out the picots” aka Bucolic Chic was born!

Eco Elements Materials

Lindsay and Puddles in Bucolic Chic
Let me tell ya about this great yarn from your stash, Puddles…

Using what I had in stash, Puddles DK discontinued 100% organic cotton dyed with plants, I worked up a sample that KEPT those precious picots, but then knit a side to side shawl. The trick is really fun, but hidden inside the pattern, so if you want to know that’s where you’ll have to look!

From the label: “This beautiful yarn is 100% SKAL certified organic naturally dyed cotton produced in Holland in support of the Mirasol Project. By purchasing it you are contributing to the project and supporting children in the Highlands of Peru. A portion of every purchase is dedicated directly to the funding of a school in the remote area of Munani in the region of Puno. To find out more visit

Mom’s yarn was Worsted weight, so after working out the broad strokes of the design, I contacted my favorite, The Unique Sheep. Kelly dyed up a perfect Fall orange speckled yarn, Paprika. Green, red, amber speckles highlight a burnt orange base on their Green Sheep (organic) Cotton & Bamboo Worsted weight yarn. Like Mirasol, The Unique Sheep is dedicated to giving back with their company, with at least 5% of net profits going to charities. To read more about their eco commitment, check out this link!

Bucolic Chic back in TUS
Check out why The Unique Sheep is a favorite around here!


#bucolicchickal photo challenge week 2 – solid, speckled, variegated, or tonal this week’s challenge is all about color! Add the word “color” (or “colour” to you non-US knitters) to your IG posts for one double entry into the prize drawing.

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