Puddles in Motivity

Eco Elements Motivity

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Eco Elements for Motivity

Eco Inspiration
One of my favorite commands to give Puddles is “up and over”. From the wee pup to the nearly 7 year old Dane, each time he hears that happy command ring out, he gathers his speed, all his might, and leaps into action!

Puddles flying ears Up and Over
Up and Over (2017) in the snow… because ya, everything’s better in the snow

And this time, I got him in my newest release too boot! Our first snow of the season and Puddles was in great form. Down wandering in the valley, I gave the command and his ears perked to the sound! The whole body ignited to turn towards “momma”…

Puddles in Motivity
I hear ya momma! I’m coming!!

Bounding up hill and a little break, because ya, almost 7. Then spying my encouraging smile, bounding once again…

Puddles in Motivity
I’m still coming, momma, don’t you put that camera away!

To the “Up and Over” demonstration of Motivity in action!

Puddles in Motivity
Up and Over!

The cowl “behaved” too and turned around to show the other colors as he jumped – no human intervention required ?.

So now that my “ode to Puddles” is done… for these set of photos anyway, here’s the rest of the eco inspiration for Motivity.

sneak peek
Sneak Peek!

It’s a sneak peek on an upcoming sweater design! Yes, my “mega” class sweater from Jill Wolcott’s “A System of Grading” is still in the works. A little trouble around the arm mixed with trouble in the brain put this design “in the sin bin.” While my little grey cells rebooted, I crafted this cowl to cement the stitch repeat in my brain.

swatches in the window

Eco Elements Materials

Wanting to be as close to zero waste as possible in my crafting, I frogged swatches from the summer’s yarn review to reuse the yarn into a purposeful item for our local shelter. Never fear, it got a fresh wash and blocking prior to sending. The color work and fun mirroring was a result of the desire towards zero waste for this design.
Read the yarn review, here.

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