Before and after Cassandra and Remix Hour

Eco Elements Remix Hour

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Eco Elements graphic Remix Hour
Eco Elements collage

Eco Inspiration
Designing is quick; publication is a long slog – at least that’s what life as a knitwear designer has been for me. Remember back in April when we talked about The 3 R’s and I promised Cassandra’s Christmas Sweater was headed out to be recycled? Well, Remix Hour is the result! Taking a design that I thought was pretty into something that I actually would wear made this formally single function item into dual – art and function – with #wearyourknitting.

From nature, texture is all around! From the gritty earth to the nubby tree bark, inspiring the touch of texture up and down each side panel. The deep V is reminiscent of the massive valleys between mountains I see on my daily romp with Puddles. One in particular – the space between Grandfather Mountain and Hawk’s Nest. Running long as our mountain streams, I went with a past tunic, not quiet dress length for my Remix Hour.

Before and after Cassandra and Remix Hour

Eco Materials

This cotton is Peruvian Tanguis cotton, not organic. Way back when I was looking for commercially available “better” options and this now discontinued cotton from Cascade Yarns caught my eye. Being Tanguis it is a longer staple cotton so uses less land and natural resources to gain a higher yield than traditionally farmed cotton. Also though not classified organic, Peruvian cotton is traditionally grown without pestidices. Where it’s eco for me, is my goal of zero waste. I frogged a sweater I didn’t love to remake it into something I do! Since it went from a long sleeve sweater, I have a bit left over, but am slowly uses it in stashing down projects, like the tongue and wings on dragon for my nephew in this year’s GAL.