Snowstorm Quickies

First Snow

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With surprise, shock, and a little disbelief I watched as rain drops turned to white wishes during church this past Sunday morning. As soon as the benediction was prayed, Puddles and I leaped with joy, bundled up, and hit the trails!

Arctic Climes headband
Guess which is my favorite for surprise snowstorms? If you look REALLY closely you can see a snowflake on my hair… it’s tiny though, but it’s snow!

With goulashes on my feet (due to the previous rain) and a smile on my face, we trekked through the neighbourhood watching the snow fall on radiant wet autumn leaves.

snow at the pond
Moved to praise God, my Creator, I’ve rarely seen anything so beautiful as snow falling on vibrant autumn leaves!

The contrast between the two icons of the different seasons clashed in stunning beauty!

fireside knitting
Sneak peek – design coming soon!

2 1/2 miles later, our trek came to an end, and the knitting began. We snuggled as I stitched.

sneak peek bulky weight
I see why everyone is gaga over bulky weight – seriously guys, CO to BO in just a few hours… how’s that even possible? Bulky weight :-).

A few hours later, I had a FO!

snow on flower
I popped out on the deck to surveil the snowflakes!

And it was time to hit the trails again… for the climes kept dropping and now the snow was sticking!

snow on cobweb
I’ve never seen snow stick to a cobweb before! Have you?

Even to this cobweb – how cool is that?

snowy background Arctic Climes in front
The snow is sticking!!!

Bundled back up in Arctic Climes, Puddles in his snood, and snow boots this time, we took the back trail for a different view.
I switch to my cell phone camera as this trail is a little steeper and I didn’t want to drop my camera if I fell. Doing so also inspired a conversion from prose to verse ;-)!

snowy hydrangea bloom

Snow on latent blooms of summer days gone.

snow on holly bush

Snow on holly bushes nibbled by a fawn!

snow in the distance

Snow in the distance where jagged cliffs and trees abound,

frozen raindrop close up

while frozen rain drops stick around.

snow close up blackberry brier

Snow where blackberries used to be,

snowy stump

and on this stump, formerly a tree!

Snowstorm Quickies

So the next time snow creeps up on you, be ready to get out, have fun, and wear your knitting, with these snowstorm quickies!
Brightwater Upcycle (hat – new 2017)
Brightwater (cowl – new 2017)
Zipline (cowl, snood, hat convertible – new 2017)
5678 Cowl (modeled by Puddles)
Vegan Woolies (hat)
Obverse (cowl with yarny snow drops – new 2017)
Arctic Climes (cowl stretched to show the cables)
Arctic Climes (headband, covers the ears just so)
Obverse (cowl, ready to go – new 2017)

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  1. What fun. You did a great job of photographing so many beautiful sights where the snow made its mark. And I enjoyed your narration too. Thanks for sharing. Great knitting creations as well!

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