Meanwhile in Maine trim collage

Fixing the Trim

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If you remember Sleeve Island and Interior Finishes, I had the wrong ratio on my pick up for the cocoon collar.  Christine Guest recommended I use the trim as a ruler.  How’d that work out?

Meanwhile in Maine Fixing the Trim


Not only did it work out perfectly, but it also made for a much easier to write pick up ratio 😉.  Thanks, Christine!

Now to the knitty gritty 😉. 

Meanwhile in Maine Fixing the Trim

The first trial used the already knit hem to see how much I was short by bunching up the excess.

Meanwhile in Maine Fixing the Trim

The second trial unraveled more from the body to see just how much I should be using.

Both tests gave the same result of how much I was short.

Meanwhile in Maine Fixing the Trim

A lot of frogging and reknitting (1.5 skeins) later…

Meanwhile in Maine Fixing the Trim

No bunching!  It lays beautifully on the body, too, if I do say so myself.

Meanwhile in Maine…

The trim is going up in Maine as well!  Interior crown and exterior siding. 

The final verdict on “did I calculate correctly” from Pattern Placement and Siding remains to be seen – knitting needles crossed! The 30-day to move start clock is getting closer 😊.

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