#GAL2015 Tour: The Games

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If chatting with friends and designers while knitting and crocheting incredible indie designs isn’t fun enough, we like to amp up the excitement with brain stretching games during the gift-a-long as well! This year we are pleased to present four different games and one ultimate challenge, which run six weeks of the gift-a-long.

Designer’s Alphabet Soup
GAL2015’s newest game, Designer’s Alphabet Soup anagrams either the designer’s personal name or business name of each of our 335 indie designers. Your task is to unscramble the anagram to discover which designer it is!

designer's alpahbet soup
And if you are wondering what a mini tea pot has to do with alphabet soup, the thought process went like this: soup is eaten out of bowls, knitters/ crocheters use yarn bowls, I’ll put the alphabet soup in a yarn bowl. I don’t have a yarn bowl. Google “yarn bowl alternatives”. Hey, tea pots can be used as yarn bowls! I have a tea pot! I’ll put the alphabet soup into my mini tea pot yarn bowl substitute!

This game is run by our Stat Queen, 80skeins, and yours truly! We’ve been creating some humdingers of anagrams, if I do say so myself. The full rules, how to play, and a few samples to get your feet wet are posted at the top of the thread as well as in post 1.

games screen shot
So next time you need me, just holler “Chunky Sidewall” and I’ll come running!

The Designer Hunt
Back for a third year, because I know you’d track us down and make us add it if we failed to include the excitement that is the Designer Hunt, this game is not for the faint of heart! Run by the unstoppable games wizard, squeakowl, clues, a mixture of both visual and text, will be posted multiple times a day the dedicated thread. These clues will be hints to a participating designer, one of their patterns, or often both. Your job, should you choose to enter the fray, is to discover which of the 335 indie designers, the clue refers to. Here is a preview of one that has already been answered correctly:

designer hunt preview
And the correct of Week 1 Clue #13 is: Ocean Wave Top by Ashwini Jambhekar.

Yes, squeakowl IS the game wizard! She came up with all these clues herself! So if you love her insanity, send her some love. Try her game & good luck! Full rules are posted in the game thread header here.

2 games that happen in the KAL and chat threads
Random Select Designer Triviafull rules here.
Next WIP or FO With a picturefull rules here.
These two games are progress and engagement games to spread the indie love all around. So get crafting and keep on posting, you’ll never know when or where you might be selected to win one of these pop up games.

Taming the Opadoo

GAL2015 Head to Toe Ultimate Gifting Challenge – aka Taming the Opadoo!
Calling all gift-a-long superheroes!!
Are your needles faster than a speeding bullet? Is your crochet hook more powerful than a locomotive? Can you complete tall projects in a single bound? If so then this is the challenge for you!
To enter the GAL2015 Head to Toe Ultimate Gifting Challenge you must complete a project in each of the 8 GAL2015 KAL/CALs with patterns from at least 5 different Participating Designers, before the end of the GAL, and document it in this thread.
Given the ultimate nature of this challenge an unheard of multiple physical prize package awaits someone who conquers!
If you are wondering how it came to be named “Taming the Opadoo” the back story is here and involves one of our adorable unofficial mascots, Addie.
The talented ukeeknits came up with some additional treats for those venturing forth to tame the opadoo.

If you plan on taming the opadoo be sure to update your ravatar so we can cheer you along!

Next up on the tour, the prizes! Until then, happy GAL-ing.

A quick reminder, the kick off special ends tomorrow, Friday, November 27th at 11:59 PM EST. So if you are looking to score a Knit Eco Chic sale pattern, don’t delay, check out my bundle & purchase today!

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