#GAL2015 Tour: The Stats

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Gift-a-long 2015 stats infograph
special thanks to 80skeins for the infograph

Every wonder which designers are from your home country (or in Canada & the US, home Province or State)? Or how many roosters are in the hen house of indie designers this year? Maybe crafter stats are more your thing, like which State has the most gift-a-long FOs? All those questions and more are answered on the GAL2015 Stats thread!

The Stats thread is where 80skeins (aka Kimberly Golynskiy) does her thing that makes all us nerdy gerdies cheer with delight. Thanks to the Stats thread, I discovered that North Carolina is represented by 6 designers, which makes North Carolina 22nd on the US designer’s per capita list. 80skeins also shares cool information about the crafters involved in the gift-a-long as well. For instance, the Raveler with the most FOs is louti2012, who had 23 FOs as of November 29th (and even more now – she whips up hats for cancer patients with great speed and skill)! Breaking knitting/ crocheting speed the world over, our 500th FO as posted by DisplacedScarlet on November 30th – just 12 days into the gift-a-long fun!

Kimberly is constantly updating the thread with new geeky nuggets. So keep on checking back throughout the gift-a-long!  What will your favorite GAL2015 stat be?

And if you appreciate the uniqueness she brings to our event, be sure to send her some love! My personal favorite is “The Ambassador” because of the beautiful bead work and use of socially responsible eco yarn, Manos del Uruguay Fino.

The Ambassador
Hi Kimberly! Copyright Kimberly Golynskiy http://www.ravelry.com/designers/kimberly-golynskiy

This concludes the #GAL2015 virtual tour series of blogs – thanks so much for reading and be sure to come join the Indie Design Gift-A-Long 2015 event! I’ll be back soon with more gift-a-long inspired posts, but for now, happy gift knitting!

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