Puddles making a squishy mail wish

Goldilocks and the Three Stitch Details

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There is something truly special about squishy mail arriving on your birthday! Diane, at Eco-Stitch, blessed me this April with such a surprise and I knew the best way to show my gratitude was to transform it into something special.

Puddles making a squishy mail wish
Puddles making a squishy mail wish for his human’s birthday.
Stitch Detail Swatch

Like a good little designer, I swatched the concept for an ebb and flow stitch design. And set to grading, writing, and then knitting.


In the frosty cold April sunshine, Puddles and I snuggled as my needles went click, click, click and the design came to life.

But then I realized a dilemma – of course when you mirror a wavy edged design, the mirroring evaporates the edge detail. So what do I do about the center line? After many mini swatches, I came up with 3 options.

papa bear plain

Papa Bear – stockinette stitch in the center

But this one was too plain!

mama bear seed/ moss st in center

Mama Bear – seed/ moss stitch in the center

And this one was too busy!

Baby bear - outgoing waves

Baby Bear – outgoing waves to fill the space

Finally, this one was just right!

The end… or is it

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  1. Your tank is really lovely and the 3rd solution was definitely the best, but I just can’t get over the size of your dog Puddles…. Who needs a blanket…?

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      Thanks Diane! Yes, he is a big lap dog! The blankets, well I still need them… they add just a touch of cushioning underneath ;-).

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