thinking an arm shaping solution

Grading Is a Thing

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What happens when you take a children’s author with a degree in Philosophy and turn her into a knitwear pattern designer? You get a passionate designer with a HUGE learning curve to undertake! That’s me and part of my journey in this business is continuing education so I provide you with aesthetically beautiful along with top notch technically constructed patterns.

thinking an arm shaping solution

Last summer (I wrote this blog “live” at the time of the course), I had the opportunity to take a course from a powerhouse indie designer and fashion instructor, Jill Wolcott. And by “had an opportunity” I mean I nearly ran everyone over when I first saw the post on Ravelry… then replied, PMed, and emailed to say “yes, I’m interested, where do I sign up!”

Did you know grading garments is an actual thing? It doesn’t mean writing a pattern in multiple sizes, as I originally thought. It’s actually a mathematical formula that you apply to the process of creating additional sizes in your pattern. I had NO idea! In fact, it took me a couple of classes to even realize it, but when I did, wow it was an eye-opening experience!

This is such an expansive topic, I’ll be breaking it up into a couple of posts. This one “Grading Is a Thing” starts the story. Follow along for the next installment, “Size Chart.”

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