grafting made easy

Grafting Made Easy

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grafting made easy

With Halloween coming up, there are definitely some knitting techniques that are scary!

Grafting doesn’t have to be one of them! With “Grafting Made Easy” you can graft any number of special stitches from knits to purls to lace.

Puddles with Brightwater (long) pre-grafting

Look for a pattern where one side (either wrong side or right side) is worked in knit and / or purl. In this demonstration, it’s the wrong side that is worked in a knit and purl stitch pattern.

Use a contrasting colour on your provisional cast on and purl 1 wrong side row.

Then switch to your cowl yarn, work until your desired length, ending at the end of the right side row. So if your pattern repeat was 10 rows, you’d start with your cowl yarn on Row 1 and end on Row 9 as the grafting replaces the final row! Or if that 10 row pattern repeat had a cable on Row 1, begin on Row 5 and end on Row 3. The graft will replace Row 4. By starting mid-pattern repeat you don’t have to worry about grafting a cable although with this process it is possible.

Trace your contrasting cast on yarn

Line up your stitches and using a yarn needle TRACE the contrasting coloured wrong side row to graft the two ends together. It’s super easy to see where you need to put the yarn next.

Once your done snip out, if you’re really fearless, or pull out the contrasting colour!

More of a visual person? Check out my how-to here on You Tube! The pattern used to demonstrate the technique in the video is Seine Cuffs – Paris is calling! I designed these cuffs to conquer grafting fears before moving onto the Seine Cowl. Knit in just an hour, Seine Cuffs make the perfect gift-able knit, for old and young alike. Wear individually on one wrist or multiples in a row, mix and match drop cuffs with non-drop cuffs for a custom look all your own.

Ready to dive into grafting? You can use the “Grafting Made Easy” trick on all Knit Eco Chic patterns in which grafting is used.

KEC grafting patterns
Left to Right Top: Eastern Continental Divide (long), Pitch Cowl, Eastern Continental Divide, Thermal Lift, Brightwater (long)
Middle Center: Seine Cowl (long), Brightwater (short)
Bottom Center: Seine Cuffs, Seine Cowl (short)

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